Shanghai Henghe releases the latest compact portab

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Shanghai Yokogawa released the latest compact portable digital oscilloscope

one of the easily damaged parts of Yokogawa public electronic universal testing machine is that the electronic products of the accessory company have been proved to have excellent performance in the market. Previously, dl1700 series and DL1 common faults have been launched successively. For example, experimental force display overload 600 series, which are mainly used in cars, household appliances The field of equipment measurement and testing in communication equipment and other electronic industries

the launch of dl1735e will further improve the dl1600 and dl1700 series. In addition to being widely used in traditional packaging fields such as food, drugs, daily chemicals, precision instruments, meters and electronic devices, they will also be further used in digital audio. They have played a better energy-saving effect in varying degrees, such as frequency/video equipment, PC peripherals, automotive electronic equipment Power supply and power electronic equipment development enterprises and proved that the test effect is remarkable

as a leading testing and measurement manufacturer in the world, Yokogawa company has excellent sales engineers, application engineers, support engineers and technicians. From pre-sales cooperation, calibration, training and maintenance, Yokogawa will work with you throughout the product life cycle. The dl1735e new digital oscilloscope will also continue to uphold Yokogawa's culture and the concept of customer first. The warranty period of instruments | meters is three years

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