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Build a "Shanghai highland" for the development of artificial intelligence! Li Qiang talks about the advantages and focus of Shanghai

Oriental News on September 17: Li Qiang, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the Shanghai municipal Party committee, said in his speech at the opening ceremony of the 2018 World artificial intelligence conference this morning that Shanghai will rely on the advantages of scientific and educational resources, application scenarios, massive data, and basic d) some lines of the oil pump are also exposed outside infrastructure, so as to focus on innovative sources Application demonstration, system supply and talent accumulation will accelerate the construction of "Shanghai highland" for the development of artificial intelligence

Li Qiang said that in today's world of unprecedented intensive and active scientific and technological innovation, artificial intelligence will bring profound changes to economic and social development and even the human world. As a strategic technology leading the future, artificial intelligence is fully empowering all walks of life, which will further release the huge energy accumulated by previous scientific and technological revolutions and industrial reforms, and promote the overall leap of social productivity. With the comprehensive expansion of artificial intelligence in social governance, public services, urban operations and other fields, "artificial intelligence +" will be available all the time and everywhere. Only by embracing artificial intelligence can we have the future. As a disruptive technology with a wide range of influence, artificial intelligence is deeply reconstructing the economy and society. A large number of industries will face redefinition, the employment structure and social ethics will be impacted, government management, economic security and global governance will face challenges, and social transformation will be further accelerated. We need to conduct in-depth research, grasp the law, and make good use of the situation to promote the development of artificial intelligence on a healthy track and in the direction of benefiting mankind

Li Qiang said that Shanghai is China's largest economic center and a megacity with a permanent population of more than 24 million. In recent years, we have made the development of artificial intelligence a priority strategic choice, with accelerating the deep integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy as the main line, and improving the technological innovation ability of artificial intelligence as the main direction. Intelligent applications have been greatly expanded, innovation and entrepreneurship have become more active, local enterprises have accelerated their growth, and an open and collaborative development ecosystem with complete elements is gradually taking shape in Shanghai

Li Qiang said that Shanghai has a good foundation and conditions for developing artificial intelligence. The first is the advantage of science and education resources. Shanghai is accelerating the construction of a science and technology innovation center with global influence, has a number of large scientific facilities, has set up AI research institutions in a number of famous universities, and has gathered a number of AI talents, which has an important influence in the fields of integrated circuits, computer vision, brain intelligence engineering and so on. The second is the advantages of application scenarios. Shanghai is located in the Yangtze River Delta region with the most developed economy in China, where the industrial system is complete and the market environment is open. It has built a wealth of sensing systems and application scenarios in six major fields, including intelligent manufacturing and intelligent transportation with strict requirements. It is a natural testing ground for the application of artificial intelligence. The third is the advantage of massive data. As a megacity, Shanghai has a dense flow of people, logistics, vehicles, capital and information. It is changing every day, generating and using massive data to help the city operate safely and efficiently. We have built three basic databases: legal person database, real population database and spatial geography database. The fourth is the advantage of infrastructure. Shanghai is committed to the construction of a new smart city. It has formed Gigabit broadband access and narrow-band IOT covering the whole city. It is building a new generation of artificial intelligence Supercomputing Center and building a new generation of integrated networks such as mobile communication and IOT sensing

Li has a relatively broad market development prospect. Relying on his own advantages, we will speed up the construction of "Shanghai highland" for the development of artificial intelligence from a global and future perspective

first, make every effort to create a highland of AI innovation strategies, strengthen independent innovation, deepen international cooperation, focus on tackling key problems in basic research such as brain intelligence science and general intelligence, accelerate breakthroughs in core technologies such as intelligent perception and intelligent execution, and strive to become an important source of AI academic new ideas, scientific new discoveries, technological new inventions, and new industrial directions

second, we should make every effort to build a demonstration highland for the application of artificial intelligence, accelerate the in-depth application of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent finance, intelligent medical treatment, focus on the development of advantageous industries such as intelligent driving and intelligent robots, promote the continuous emergence of new technologies, new products, new formats and new models of artificial intelligence, accelerate the intelligent transformation of the whole life cycle of urban planning, construction, management and operation, and comprehensively improve the intelligent level of economic and social development, Encourage the latest achievements of artificial intelligence to take the lead in "testing the water" in Shanghai

third, we should make every effort to build a highland of AI system supply, strengthen the research on relevant laws and regulations, ethics and social issues in view of the new topics and challenges brought by the development of AI, establish and improve AI technical standards, intellectual property protection, risk assessment and safety supervision system, work hard on formulating "rules of the game", strive to improve the timeliness and effectiveness of system supply, and promote the health and safety of AI Safe development

fourth, make every effort to build a highland for AI talents, adhere to the use of talents from all over the world, actively create a world-class development environment, accelerate the implementation of AI talent peak construction action, vigorously introduce scientists, entrepreneurs and investors in the field of AI with global influence, and strive to provide a better platform and create a larger stage for AI talents to show their talents in Shanghai

Li Qiang finally said that taking this world AI conference as an opportunity, we are willing to sincerely cooperate with people of insight at home and abroad and work together to write a new chapter in the development of AI enabling era and the promotion of human well-being

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