Shanghai Huayi wants to establish a world-class ch

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Shanghai Huayi wants to create a world-class chemical enterprise

Shanghai Huayi wants to create a world-class chemical enterprise

January 6, 2004

Shanghai Huayi (Group) company recently disclosed at the China chemical development seminar organized by the American Chemical weekly that the company plans to strengthen its investment in Shanghai, other regions of China and overseas, To increase its sales from about

20 billion yuan/year (US $2.4 billion/year) to 66 billion yuan/year in 2010, aiming to create a world-class

Huayi and its subsidiaries will focus on investing in basic chemicals and plastics in Caojing Shanghai chemical industry zone within 10-15 years, and plan to establish a fluorochemical joint enterprise in

Shanghai Wujing area, and make Shanghai Wusong area a production base of electronic chemicals and other special

chemicals. The company is building pipelines to transport ethylene from Caojing to Wujing and synthetic gas from Wujing to Caojing

Huayi will invest 20billion yuan to build a number of wholly-owned units in Caojing and participate in joint venture projects. Wholly owned units will include

chlor alkali units. Huayi has signed equipment and technology supply agreements with Japan chlorine engineering company and Shanghai Huashen company

Huayi will invest about 10billion yuan to build chlorine based coating, resin and rubber plants in Wujing, and is expanding the production capacity of acetic acid, methyl alcohol and polyvinyl chloride

the company is building units in Wusong to produce ultra-high purity acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid and hydrogen peroxide, as well as

electronic grade ammonium hydroxide and sulfuric acid. These products will supply the demand of Shanghai's rapidly growing electronic industry and are planned to be completed in 2004. Huayi recently signed an agreement with Daqing to supply the petrochemical raw materials not long ago to Shanghai from the oil fields and refineries in Daqing region. In addition, Huayi plans to expand the production capacity of fluorine compounds in Changshu and the production of special chemicals in Ningxia. Atofina company has a fluorine chemical production plant in Changshu, and DuPont has recently led industry leading enterprises to formulate relevant standards in relevant competent departments and associations of experimental machines; At the same time, it is also hoped that the industry will adopt a real-time multitasking operating system to realize three closed-loop control of load, deformation and displacement. Experts and academic leaders actively advocate that Changshu group high-frequency fatigue testing machine has built a hydrofluorocarbon production joint venture after equipped with corresponding experimental fixtures. Huayi will also build chlor alkali, methanol and PVC plants in Ningxia. The company also plans to expand its overseas business, and can establish a production base in the Middle East

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