Shanghai industry and Commerce sampled 40 batches

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Shanghai industry and Commerce sampled 40 batches of wooden furniture, 13 batches of which were unqualified

Shanghai industry and Commerce sampled 40 batches of wooden furniture, 13 batches of which were unqualified

March 22, 2017

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recently, the Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce concentrated law enforcement forces to conduct market inspection and quality sampling inspection on 40 batches of wooden furniture sold by 40 furniture malls and brand stores in 10 districts, including Yangpu, Baoshan, Xuhui, Jinshan, Jiading, etc, After testing, 13 batches were unqualified, and the unqualified detection rate was 32.5%, including 1 batch of solid wood, 1 batch of solid wood veneer and 1 batch of wood-based panel, 7 batches of full solid wood and 3 batches of comprehensive wood. The unqualified items are mainly cigarette burning resistance and identification consistency

first, the identification consistency is unqualified, with 12 batches. There are two main problems: first, it is indicated that the material type of the base material is inconsistent with the actual measurement, indicating that the main material (base material) is solid wood, and the main material (base material) measured is man-made board; Second, all kinds of methods in Ming Dynasty have their own characteristics, indicating that the wood name is inconsistent with the actual measurement, and the actual material type is also solid wood, but the wood name is inconsistent, and it is suspected to use low-grade wood to pretend to be high-grade wood. The identification consistency requires that the name of wood (including the base material of solid wood veneered furniture) and the category of wood-based panel, the name of other wood materials and their use parts used in the products should be changed with the product standard of vacuum insulation board. The maintenance of the testing machine is the cleaning and inspection before and after the operation of the testing machine and in the process, mainly checking the key and vulnerable parts There is also maintenance work during season change, transfer and parking It is consistent with what is expressly stated in the instructions for use

second, the physical and chemical properties of the paint film are unqualified, with 3 batches. The paint film of unqualified goods will blister after being burned at high temperature, and the standard requirements should be free of falling black spots, cracks and blisters. This index reflects the resistance of the paint film on the surface of wood furniture to cigarette burning. Continuous fiber preforms can be used to locally strengthen the door of thermoplastic composites. This index is unqualified, indicating that the furniture paint performance cannot meet the standard requirements. In addition, one batch of formaldehyde exceeded the standard

according to the sampling results, the Department of industry and Commerce has ordered the relevant operators to take off the shelves immediately, implement rectification measures within a time limit, file a case for investigation against the operators selling unqualified goods according to law, and urge the operators to properly handle consumer complaints

see the attachment for the table of unqualified quality sampling inspection:

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