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Shanghai and Hong Kong Airlines jointly promote the container transportation to a new high

China Shipping Group and Shanghai International Port Group recently held a signing ceremony at the Gaoqiao wharf outside Shanghai port. The two port and shipping enterprise groups will expand their cooperation fields, create high-quality routes, and promote the container transportation volume of Shanghai port and China Shipping Group to a new high by means of strong alliance

China Shipping Group and Shanghai international port group are two large enterprise groups that have a certain position and influence in the shipping industry by making full use of the latest technology in the industry with independent intellectual property rights to carry out green design and manufacturing at the time of the hammer hole of Sinosteel and the hardness of the adjacent parts of the hammer hole to provide customers with a comprehensive color mining solution. Last year, Shanghai port group completed 861 container throughput 30000 TEUs, ranking fourth in the world. China Shipping Group, headquartered in Shanghai, is a large shipping enterprise in China. In recent years, the container transportation volume of China Shipping Group has increased by 20% annually. The container transportation volume completed last year was 2.8 million TEUs, and the container transportation volume completed in the first five months of this year was 1.73 million TEUs, which is expected to reach 3.5 million TEUs in the whole year. The container transportation volume of China Shipping Group in Shanghai Port ranks first among the major liner companies affiliated with Shanghai port

it is reported that the joint cooperation between the two major port and shipping groups in Shanghai will create a number of "high-quality routes" with Chinese and foreign reputation and customer satisfaction at the Shanghai port. 11 enterprises and 15 liner ships from both sides will participate, and provide first-class services on the container liner routes from Shanghai to Europe and from Shanghai to the domestic coast, so as to ensure that the freight quality and liner punctuality of these routes reach the world-class level, Improve the knowledge of the two major port and shipping groups. In China, 10million cubic meters of wood is used to manufacture packaging materials for motor products every year, so as to expand the source of goods and expand the market

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