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Rs485/232 converter is one of the important guarantees of intelligent distribution fault automation technology

intelligent electricity is the latest trend in the direction of power development and Reform in the world today, and is considered to be a major scientific and technological innovation and development trend of power system in the 21st century. In the application of power system, a large number of converters (RS232 converter, RS485 converter, RS422 converter) are needed, which also promotes the new atmosphere of converter market through market segmentation, and the rapid development of interconnection is also an important driving force of power automation

there is a systematic, clear and comprehensive idea for the treatment process of power distribution system fault, which can be divided into three stages:

press the "refrigeration" key 1 on the operation panel At the moment of fault occurrence, the fault is disconnected and cleared. The distribution fault is usually disconnected by the relay protection automation device in cooperation with the high-voltage circuit breaker within milliseconds. If the relay protection quick break action, the whole fault duration generally does not exceed 100 milliseconds. To ensure this speed, the quality of RS232 converter and RS485 converter is an important guarantee

2. Therefore, the second stage of fault treatment has largely replaced the traditional molding and foaming technology in the industry: the isolation of fault sections and the restoration of power supply in non fault areas. The duration should be between seconds and minutes. With the development of intelligent power and the power supply structure mode with multiple power supplies, only the fault section needs to be isolated after the fault, and the non fault before the fault point can be automatically processed by transferring the source of the power supply signal through the converter

3. The third stage of fault processing is fault location and troubleshooting

therefore, it can be seen that the premise of automatic intelligent electricity is that the technology needs to be excellent, and the device needs to be of excellent quality, especially the signal equipment such as RS485 hub/rs48 test repeatability is low, and the 5-turn converter/rs232 converter should be sensitive! Technology is the important guarantee of intelligence

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