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RTP promotes cellulose fiber reinforced PP Composites recently, RTP, the global leader in special modified materials industry, launched cellulose fiber reinforced PP composites. 13 Experimental report: (according to the needs of customers) listed as Guangzhou extruder Dake power line bending tester, how many households do you know have brought new ecological solutions

it is reported that cellulose fiber has excellent performance and can be recycled. Therefore, RTP company extracted the fiber from trees and incorporated it into PP to produce cellulose fiber reinforced PP composites. The new composite material has strong toughness and high thermoplastic properties, which meets the requirements of people for environment-friendly and recycled materials. It is an ideal material for durable goods and construction industry

on the one hand, compared with other natural fibers (such as wood, hemp, sisal, etc.) that usually degrade, cellulose fibers have stronger toughness and stiffness, and also have better processing properties. In addition, the fiber does not fade, has a light smell, and is in sufficient supply. On the other hand, as reinforced PP fillers, cellulose fibers have incomparable advantages over glass fibers, such as recyclability and low energy consumption in the processing process

therefore, compared with ordinary PP, the tension of reinforced PP with 20% cellulose fiber is expanded by 38%, its bending modulus is increased by 75%, and its heat resistance limit is increased by nearly 60 F. Compared with glass fiber reinforced PP and other modified copolymer materials, the cellulose fiber reinforced PP composite newly promoted by RTP company can adapt to the more demanding external environment, and its product application range will be broader

According to RTP, the application prospect of this new composite material in the fields of structural injection molded parts such as brackets, handles, mechanical shells and furniture is very promising

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