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RTM company develops all electric thermoforming machine

RTM company recently developed a set of fully electric thermoforming machine - milanoeng. This series of models implement full-automatic continuous cycle production, which is suitable for processing plastics. In China, energy distribution not only spreads the foil with obvious regional differences in the total amount on February 12, but also includes the thickness commonly seen in the market; For hips and similar materials, the thickness is 0.2mm ~ 2mm; When PP material is used, the thickness is 0.3mm ~ 1.8mm

the equipment works very fast, which is related to factors such as plastic type, thickness, shape and depth of molded parts. This model is especially suitable for the production of food packaging, containers, egg saucers, blisters and household refrigerator doors

standard machine components include: chute for plastic feeding, which is set in chain conveyor; Chain conveyor driven by servo motor; Heating station, the whole forming length is divided into three steps; Molding station

the heating station adopts the most advanced technology and two Rigo patents, one of which is an energy-saving patent (can save 25% energy on the original basis), and the other relates to the half opening technology of the heating plate, which can pre adjust the opening and closing of four and a half heating plates

four types of heating stations can be provided according to customer requirements: single vacuum type, low clamping force; Vacuum and air pressure type, medium clamping force; Vacuum and air pressure type, through the steel roller die head to achieve peripheral cutting in place, can set a high clamping force; And weight chain conveyor

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