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The latest application of RPC in mold label technology IML in the food packaging industry

40 ~ 77hrd rpcbramlage WIKO's in mold label (IML) technology has prompted Hochland, a cheese manufacturer, to use injection molded containers and a full set of decorative container covers for its best performing streichfein products

Hochland is famous in Europe for its high-quality products. Its famous streichfein cheese products can provide four different flavors: Gouda, light Gouda, Emmenthal and maasdam. The company is committed to continuously improving the attractiveness of products, and distinguishing different goods through new packaging design and color representation, taste and label

Hochland used containers with labels outside the mold before, but was soon moved by the excellent reproducibility and overall design of IML technology. Considering the authoritative position of rpcbramlage WIKO in this field, Hochland decided to adopt IML technology and will use injection molding product design

in the production base of Celle, rpcbramlage WIKO company created a new mold to produce custom containers. Its unique narrow bottom and wide outer edge design makes it easier for customers to use. At the same time, scientists have also developed a series of graphene based energy storage materials with a large area of labeling area to improve product popularity

iml technology can cover the entire surface of the container and container cover, so as to promote Hochland company to create a dazzling image appearance - the appearance of healthy food - to distinguish four bright colors with different flavors: green, blue, red and orange

rpcb has different benefits and work permissions at each level. Ramlage WIKO company provides a solution that can improve the popularity of streichfein's high-quality goods. H the Munich Building Materials Exhibition (BAU) was held on January 19 (2) 4, 2015. The spokesperson of ochland said that the fashionable design of containers provides an ideal basis for highlighting the dazzling IML design and achieving excellent overall impact of products

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