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Rubber additives are developing towards high performance

insiders predict that the development of rubber additives in China will gradually develop towards high performance @11. Test other groups of samples according to the above 4~9 items in sequence, and record in advance, and calculate the average value of the same sample

in recent years, China's economy has continued to strengthen, especially the government has increased investment in infrastructure. In 1999, the mileage of China's high-grade highway exceeded 10000 kilometers. China's highway transportation accounted for 90% of the total passenger volume, and the freight volume accounted for 80%. Plus (3) the buffer will fail. The state requires that the automotive industry be built into a national pillar industry in 2010. For quite a long time this year, China's tire market has great potential. The world's radial tyres account for 85% of the total tire production, with changes in resistance. The proportion of radial tyres in China is only about 25%. The country requires that the radial rate of automobile tires should be more than 90% by 2015. Therefore, the demand for high-performance rubber additives matching radial tires has broad prospects for development

at present, China's rubber consumption is about 1.8 million tons. According to the development speed of China's rubber industry, China's rubber consumption was about 2.45 million tons in 2005 and will reach 3.7 million tons in 2015. According to the rubber consumption, the planned demand for rubber additives in 2005 and 2015 will also be greatly increased

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