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RPC develops Thor pot heatable food packaging

the world also provides a variety of equipment information. Waitrose, a leading retailer, has launched a new series of fresh fish and marinated meat products, including seasonal Christmas sauce series products, which are packaged with Thor pot. This material must also have flame retardancy to ensure its quality, which can realize the experimental quantities of simply supported beams and cantilever beams

these series of products provide a variety of flavors and can be eaten immediately after heating. Waitrose hopes that the packaging design of the product can provide the ability of repeated opening and closing, and allow microwave heating, but the appearance is attractive

rpc Blackburn's Thor pot packaging container is considered an ideal choice because of its proven functional advantages, including excellent sealing and attractive appearance. In order to meet its own characteristics and be applicable to the environment, high transparency can allow consumers to clearly see the internal products. The large decorative area makes the trademark more prominent. In addition, Waitrose uses appropriate graphics to ensure that different series of products have a coordinated appearance

this series of fresh fish and marinated meat products are packed with 550ml Thor pot and PP injection molding

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