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Rtx2060 game book sold for 14000? Mechanical revolution titanium tantalum comprehensive test

recently, I accidentally found on JD that the mechanical revolution has a new sub series titanium tantalum. There is only one model on sale: geforce RTX 2060 independent graphics card, i7 9750h CPU, 32GB dual channel memory, dual 1TB SSD RAID 0, 17.3 inch 240Hz E-sports screen, with a price of up to 14 +. From the configuration alone, this will be a muscle game book, but after a careful look at the introduction, I was surprised to find that it is only 2 cm thick and weighs 2.2kg, almost reaching the level of a light and thin book

then the question is, can such a thin appearance hold the geforce RTX 2060 and i7 9750h at the same time? Out of curiosity, I found a good friend to borrow one, and from the three dimensions of appearance, internal structure and test data, I can see how this game book is

[unpacking and drying]

the mechanical revolution titanium tantalum changed the previous smart style appearance, kept a low profile to the point that there was no logo on the entire A-side, and adopted a design style similar to the previously released UMI air. Coupled with the ACD three sided gun gray magnesium alloy material, it has a little sense of business

screen is one of the selling points of this product. It is a 100% sRGB color gamut, 3MS response speed, 240Hz refresh rate E-sports screen, which eliminates screen tearing, delay and other situations in the game. The three side ultra narrow frame is only 4.3mm

the exclusive logo of titanium tantalum series is printed on the chin of the screen, which looks a bit like the armor of a knight. Under the logo is the IR camera, which can realize quick login after startup in combination with the windows Hello function. The round holes on both sides are double mic sound recognition arrays, which can effectively reduce environmental noise

the power switch is located in the upper right corner of the C-side, and the button on the side is the performance release key. When it is turned on, it will automatically unlock the power wall and increase the fan speed and transfer it to the appropriate substrate speed. At this time, the CPU and GPU will reach a higher frequency and improve the performance in the game

the keyboard area is a four zone RGB that players love to see, with 16.7 million colors adjustable. The key cap adopts ABS oil injection technology, with moderate key range and pressure, but it is recommended to connect a mechanical keyboard outside when playing games. The touch panel is large, reaching 130mm x 75mm or more

another selling point of titanium tantalum is its lightness, thickness of 2 cm and weight of 2.2kg. The rear interfaces are RJ45 line, HDMI and full blood lightning 3 with a bandwidth of 40Gbps. The heat dissipation continues the classic structure of bottom air inlet and four air outlets started by x8ti to improve the heat dissipation effect

the interfaces on both sides are two USB 3.1 GEN1 and one USB 3.1 g respectively, realizing the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise itself en2, TF card reader and microphone headset. The heat dissipation continues the classic structure of bottom air inlet and four air outlets started by x8ti to improve the heat dissipation effect

[internal disassembly]

disassembly is still very simple. Unscrew all the screws on the D shell and remove it. The interior is relatively neat, and the slots have been filled, giving OCD an inexplicable sense of comfort

a total of four thick heat pipes are used inside to connect CPU, GPU and four cooling fins of air outlets. Silicone foam is added to the corresponding areas of high heat generating components such as display memory and power supply on the product motherboard produced in stages from the end product and other links to strengthen the thermal conductivity

geforce RTX 2060 has 1920 stream processors and 120 texture units inside the core, and the surrounding six gddr6 video memories occupy almost half of the position of the motherboard. Two empty solder joints of video memory are obviously reserved for the higher-end geforce RTX 2070. The power supply of the graphics card has also been strengthened, with a total of 8-phase digital power supply

in terms of storage, two Intel 660p 1TB m.2 SSDs are used to form a 2TB raid0 disk array. The capacity is basically enough for several years, and the exponential improvement in reading and writing speed is unmatched by ordinary single SSD. In terms of memory, two 16GB DDRs are used to form a dual channel

the specification of the wireless card is not low. It is an Intel 9560ngw wireless card, supports IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac protocol, and fully supports Mu MIMO, 160MHz channels, etc. the maximum rate at 5GHz can reach 1.73gbps, twice that of the ordinary 2x2 AC card. In addition, it also integrates Bluetooth 5.0

[game experience]

choose a game book with geforce RTX 2060 independent graphics card. In addition to strong game performance, it is more important to experience the real-time ray tracing technology with strong immersion. At present, a large number of games supporting geforce RTX ray tracing have been born, including not only game masterpieces such as Tomb Raider, battlefield and call of duty, but also sword 3 "Fairy sword", "cold against the water" and other popular domestic tours

"battlefield 5"

rtx off

rtx on

in battlefield 5, the visual difference caused by ray tracing is extremely obvious. Especially in the fierce battle scene, the water surface and smooth metal surface near the character reflect the nearby light and shadow, and interact with the scene

"Tomb Raider"

RTX off

RTX on

although the effect of Tomb Raider is not as obvious as that of battlefield 5, careful observation can also find essential differences. After ray tracing is turned on, the ambient light of the whole scene is more natural, and the shadow is adapted to the action of the characters

"cold against the water"

RTX off

RTX on

cold against the water "is a popular domestic tour promoted by NVIDIA in recent years. You can see the difference only from the refraction of objects on the water. After ray tracing is applied, the reflected object will deform with the size of the water ripple

[performance test]

the time spy score of 5793 and Port Royal score of 3230 in 3dmark are in line with the normal performance level of geforce RTX 2060. Most games run with full special effects without pressure

2tb raid0 disk array composed of two Intel 660p, which reads 2411.7mb/s and writes 2732.5mb/s. It is rare that the write performance is higher than the read performance

the most concerned double baking performance is coming - C "Kutta said that Pu 90 degrees and GPU 74 degrees are rare in such a thin game book, and even compared with the traditional game book, the performance advantage is not small.


in general, the mechanical revolution titanium tantalum with geforce RTX 2060 independent graphics card is a flagship console game book with a thin appearance and armed to the teeth. With full hardware and good heat dissipation, you can always maintain full blood performance in the game, so as to get the best experience. Various signs show that titanium tantalum is not a single product, and we look forward to the subsequent emergence of higher configuration graphics cards

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