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Regular protection of rubber additives: sufficient raw materials and strong demand

stimulated and driven by the rapid increase in the output of automobiles, tires and rubber products, domestic rubber additives generally showed a trend of booming production and sales in 2010. In the past two years, there has been an upsurge of expansion and construction of rubber additives in China, and the production capacity has increased rapidly. In 2010 alone, the new production capacity was 120000 tons, and the total output reached 666000 ~ 672000 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 12% ~ 13%. The price of rubber additives is low on the whole, and the profit space is further compressed. With the recovery of the global economy and the expansion of domestic production capacity, the net export volume of rubber additives increased significantly in 2010, of which the total export volume of rubber antioxidant and accelerator was 39047 tons, an increase of 80.2% year-on-year, and the export unit price also increased to a certain extent. Among them, the average unit price of rubber antioxidant export was 2166 yuan/ton, an increase of 2% year-on-year, so as to avoid the unevenness of the experimental machine caused by vibration in the process of use by 9.2%; The average unit price of accelerator exports was 2817 yuan/ton, up 12.1% year-on-year

looking forward to 2011, China's production capacity of rubber additives will further increase, the economic environment of downstream industries such as tires and automobiles will also change, the foreign market will gradually recover, the market competition will become increasingly fierce, the curtain of industrial restructuring will slowly open, and opportunities and challenges will coexist

-- the competition is more intense. Judging from the current progress of new expansion projects in China, at least 140000 tons of rubber additives will be put into production in 2011, including about 50000 tons of rubber antioxidant 40.2 million, about 40000 tons of accelerator M, about 30000 tons of sulphonamide accelerators, and more than 20000 tons of insoluble sulfur and coke inhibitor. With the release of new production capacity, it is expected that the output growth rate of rubber additives will reach about 15% in 2011, and the market competition will become more intense

-- sufficient supply of raw materials. Rubber additives have been developed into a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. The main raw material is aniline. From the construction of domestic aniline devices, the new aniline commodity volume in 2011 was about 200000 tons, and the raw material supply will be much looser than that in 2010. Therefore, users must not think that the more they buy, the better. On the premise that the oil price does not fluctuate too much, the aniline price will be flat or even lower, coupled with the oversupply of additives, The price of rubber additives will also continue to run at a low level

-- exports are expected to increase. At present, the global economy is basically showing signs of steady recovery, and the new and expansion projects of foreign auxiliary production enterprises have not been reported. Therefore, the export of domestic rubber auxiliary in 2011 is expected to continue to increase on the basis of 2010. Among them, the demand for rubber auxiliary in India and some countries and regions in Southeast Asia will show a significant growth trend, and trade frictions may be more frequent

-- strong downstream demand. Although the WTO recently upheld the U.S. special warranty case ruling, the domestic tire production capacity will further expand rapidly due to the rapid increase in automobile production and ownership. It is reported that the total investment of tire enterprises in the world excluding China in 2010 was more than US $8billion, of which US $3billion was invested in China. The five major tire companies have new expansion projects in China, and they are basically put into production in 2011. The world tire industry has further moved eastward, and the localization trend of additives has been formed, which will effectively stimulate the demand for domestic rubber additives

-- structural adjustment accelerates. In the past decade, the domestic rubber additive industry has developed rapidly, some large-scale production enterprises have emerged, and a number of additive production companies with distinctive characteristics, leading products and certain influence have gradually formed. At the same time, the regional layout tends to be reasonable, the raw material supporting facilities are gradually improved, and the competitiveness is greatly improved. Therefore, the structural adjustment of the rubber additive industry will show an accelerated trend, larger and stronger enterprises will gain more market share, while some small-scale enterprises with backward production technology will be ruthlessly eliminated by the market, and the survival of the fittest of the whole industry will be thoroughly carried out

according to the comprehensive analysis, the main melody of rubber additives in 2011 will be structural adjustment, and China's rubber additives industry will gradually develop from a large country of additives to a powerful country of additives

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