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RPC company launched a new technology to improve product quality packaging design

the 5-liter container designed by RPC company adopts cuprinol sprayable fence treatment

in consultation with the marketing and technical personnel of cuprinol company, RPC company located in raunds designed this packaging concept with high experimental accuracy. The key requirement is to get a packaging that is easy to dump (because the product uses the special protective coating treatment of capinno), and a solid and durable appearance surface suitable for outdoor products. In addition, in order to be used under the existing filling line, the height of the package cannot exceed 320mm

rpc's final solution involves the expertise of its raunds and market Rasen in blow molding and injection molding respectively. Blow molded HDPE packaging features a simple rectangular design with a 63mm bottleneck in the middle. The combination of the central position of the container, the large neck and shoulder design ensures the free dumping of the large mouth

Figure 1: the 5-liter container designed by RPC company adopts cuprinol 3. Then turn the handwheel to spray protective treatment. It is more convenient to dump freely with the help of an independent injection molded polypropylene handle held by a detachable collar. In order to maintain accurate control of liquid dispersion during dumping, users hold the product through the handle, base and handle fulcrum

Another advantage of the neck with a diameter of

63 mm is that it can be equipped with an inductive heat sealing cover, which can tell whether the original package is intact at a glance, which can ensure safe transportation and will not leak without reinforcing sheets

the colorful sleeve can maximize its shelf attraction, including eye-catching graphics and detailed product information, as well as a large number of containers, ensuring the convenience of application

Joanne holder of cuprinol said: "Before printing, we are very happy not only to measure the friction coefficient of film materials at room temperature, but also to use the packaging developed by RPC for the sprayable protective treatment developed by cuprinol. It is very important that we have a container that can meet the convenience of relevant customers and the effectiveness of shelf image. Since its use, the direct and continuous success of the sprayable protective treatment has proved the excellent performance of the product and its packaging."

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