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The achievements of electric power intelligent technology appeared in the Chongqing high tech fair, and the robots in the automatic verification system of electric energy meters attracted the attention of visitors. Photo by Wang Yan

yo, this robot is really flexible. It works like a human! On April 12, at the 10th China Chongqing high tech fair and the automobile full life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of front-end components made of steel, aluminum and magnesium, there were also huge differences. At the 6th China International dual use technology Expo (hereinafter referred to as Chongqing high tech Fair), visitors showed great interest in the intelligent verification robot displayed by Chongqing electric power company

automation of electric energy meter verification

bending down, taking out and installing meters is on the side of the booth of Chongqing electric power company. A white robot flexibly grabs and accurately places electric energy meters on the verification platform. After verification, it takes down the verified electric energy meters into the turnover box, which is no different from a skilled electric energy meter verifier

carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is used to manufacture the flexible robot of aircraft body (wing and fuselage). It is a part of the flexible automatic verification system of electric energy meters in the Electric Power Research Institute of Chongqing electric power company. It is designed based on the principle of bionics. It can carry out the operations of destacking, meter taking, positioning, meter loading, meter unloading, etc. in the inspection process, and has the function of automatic teaching of motion path At present, the manipulator has been put into use in the metrological verification workshop of Chongqing Electric Power Research Institute. This kind of robot exhibited in this exhibition has novel and unique shape, high system integration, slender arms, and vacuum suction cups installed at the front end. Chen Yangfeng, product manager of Jishi of Taizhou Jigu Rubber Co., Ltd., can realize the whole process linkage of screwing, uncovering the programming cover, and pressing the programming button, making the action more rapid and accurate

this flexible automatic verification system for electric energy meters is the first in China. It is composed of intelligent verification robots, automatic verification and automatic sealing devices, which effectively eliminates the impact of human factors on the accuracy of meter verification, and fully reflects the fairness and impartiality of measurement. The system has obtained a number of patents, including a patent granted by the European Community Patent Office. This system ensures that the impact hammer and the falling hammer fall on the helmet accurately and accurately, which can meet the growing demand of intelligent watt hour meters. Under the same floor area, the production capacity of robot verification is 1.8 times that of manual verification; In the same time, the verification efficiency has been greatly improved

smart electricity into citizens' lives

in the corner of the exhibition hall of Chongqing Electric Power Company, the green electric vehicle charging pile more than one meter high also attracted people's interest. This charging pile has the functions of moisture-proof, satellite positioning and time of use electricity price. One invention patent and three utility model patents have been applied for. At present, Chongqing has built two charging and replacement power stations and 150 AC charging piles to support the demonstration operation of electric bus. By the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, Chongqing electric power company plans to invest 1billion yuan to build 30 charging and replacement power stations and 1000 AC charging piles to provide energy security for 2000 electric vehicles

in addition, Chongqing electric power company has also built the first intelligent community with a scale of more than 1000 households and the most advanced technology in Yubei jiaxinqinyuan and hubaoquan communities. In addition, an intelligent building with the most complete functions and the most integrated systems in the national power system will be built in Block D of Fenghuang in Yubei. Intelligent buildings integrate energy efficiency management, elevator self generation and other functions to achieve the purpose of economic operation and energy conservation of energy using equipment

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Chongqing high tech fair is a national, international, popular, professional and brand event jointly hosted by the Ministry of science and technology and the Chongqing Municipal People's government. It is a science and technology event in Western China

the exhibition covers a total area of 45000 square meters, with 180 delegations and 2100 enterprises participating. The exhibition brings together more than 35000 high-precision and cutting-edge technological achievements in various fields at home and abroad

Chongqing electric power company was invited to participate in the exhibition. With the theme of building strong smart electricity to boost Chongqing's economic development, the company displayed scientific and technological achievements in the fields of ultra-high voltage electricity, high reliability power supply demonstration area, smart electricity and so on, and vigorously promoted the brand image of national electricity

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