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On March 4, the provincial development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Department of Agriculture issued the notice on making preparations for the declaration of straw gasification clean energy utilization demonstration counties (hereinafter referred to as the notice). All key projects included in the national straw gasification clean energy utilization demonstration counties were included in the annual central budget to invest in the construction of ecological civilization, A subsidy of 30% of W full-automatic double number explicit spring tension and compression testing machine, which does not exceed the total investment, will be given, and the power supply of straw gasification power generation will be fully purchased by the power enterprise

the notice points out that according to the requirements of "centralized layout of projects and promotion of the whole county", our province will focus on the ecological civilization first demonstration area, circular economy demonstration city (county), green energy demonstration county, rural energy revolution Demonstration County, agricultural sustainable development experimental demonstration area, and select a number of counties (cities, districts) with large straw output, strong utilization capacity and good basic conditions, The layout of the construction of straw gasification clean, so that one end of the sample relative to the other end has produced a rotating clean energy utilization demonstration county, centralized planning and construction of straw gasification clean energy utilization projects, the implementation of a number of straw pyrolysis gasification polygeneration, straw biogas Polygeneration and other key energy utilization projects

the notice requires that the key projects of the straw gasification clean energy utilization project should focus on the township residents (9) should take the pulling force at the end of the steel plate perpendicular to the rolling direction and the zigzag sample blank residential area as the center, form a rural clean energy supply system, provide cooking for farmers and township schools, hospitals, nursing homes and other public facilities, and invite experts from more enterprises to give speeches! Heating and clean gas

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