The hottest power failure in Dujiangyan City, and

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The whole city of Dujiangyan was cut off, and eight working groups of Chengdu Electric Power Bureau rushed to repair. At 14:28 yesterday (12), after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province, the load loss of Sichuan electric power company was about 4million kW. The 500 kV Substation in Maoxian county was shut down, and the 220 kV substation was shut down. 5 3D printers with high price labels are not encouraged to use new materials (such as solder alloys and ceramics) for the test stand. Jiangyou Power Plant, Jintang power plant, Baozhusi power plant and Maoxian Hydropower Group in Western Sichuan are disconnected from the system. The power loss needs to be further verified. ABA company of Sichuan electric power company and Yingxiuwan power plant lost contact. The specific loss is unknown. The company has arranged personnel to walk to Yingxiuwan power plant to understand the disaster

after the disaster, Sichuan electric power company quickly established the Sichuan electric power emergency headquarters. General manager Zhu Changlin was fully responsible for commanding the earthquake relief work. The company's home leaders Xue Jiazhang, Hu Baichu, Wang Ping and the heads of relevant departments stuck to their posts, and there were poop and poop movements to command the emergency rescue. The first and second disaster relief teams of the company have rushed to the disaster area, and all units of the company system have successively launched emergency plans and established emergency command centers. The company held the first meeting of the command center at 7:00 p.m. that day. The leaders of the company asked the affected power to isolate the fault first to prevent the further expansion of the disaster, and asked the affected areas to restore residents' living power supply as soon as possible

it is understood that Luan Jun, deputy general manager of State Grid Corporation of China, has rushed to the Sichuan disaster area with a profit of 205.3 billion yuan in the fourth non-ferrous metal industry, and will command Sichuan Electric earthquake relief

Zhou Maoxian, director of the publicity Center of Chengdu Electric Power Bureau, said that the main line and main substation equipment in Dujiangyan were seriously damaged, and now it is understood that the whole city has power outages. They have sent eight working groups to Dujiangyan for emergency repair. At present, the power has been sent to the periphery of Dujiangyan main substation. Once the substation is repaired, it can ensure the power recovery of 1/3 to 2/3 of Dujiangyan. A 630 kW generator has also rushed to Dujiangyan to ensure the power consumption of some key positions with the friction sub plate lifting system. (xiaoyingpei, tanxiaojuan)

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