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The "12th Five Year Plan" of the power industry focuses on four directions

the 12th Five Year Plan of the power industry is imminent and is expected to be incorporated into the national special plan. Four major issues, including changing the mode of power development, will receive key attention

the chairman meeting of the China Electricity Council was held in Haikou a few days ago. Liu Zhenya, chairman of the China Electricity Council, general manager and party secretary of the State Power Corporation of China, made the above statement at the meeting

it was learned from relevant sources of the China Electricity Council that the 12th Five Year Plan for the power industry is currently in the revision stage, and will be published on a later date after it is approved by the national development and Reform Commission

according to Liu Zhenya, the power industry will focus on four major issues in the future, one is to change the mode of power development, the other is to strengthen unified power planning, and the third is to speed up large-scale power supply bases and UHV power 6 Change the minimum reading value of the angle: 0.1 ° construction. Fourth, pay attention to the adjustment of the electricity price mechanism

in terms of changing the mode of power development, Liu Zhenya pointed out that the fundamental measure is to speed up the implementation of the strategy of "one special and four major" (that is, by building strong smart electricity with UHV as the backbone, promoting the intensive development of large hydropower, large coal power, large nuclear power, large renewable energy power generation bases, and realizing the optimal allocation of energy resources in a wider range)

give priority to hydropower, optimize the development of coal-fired power, develop nuclear power safely and efficiently, and actively develop renewable energy power generation such as wind and solar energy. Liu Zhenya said

it is worth noting that UHV technology will be the focus of future development in power construction

the development of UHV has been included in the outline of the 12th Five Year Plan for national economic and social development. The urgent task is to accelerate the construction of Engineering PLA (polyac coaxiality error has two identification methods: extended measurement method and geometric measurement method tic acid). Liu Zhenya said

in terms of the adjustment of electricity price mechanism, during the Chinese New Year holiday, the ITU will actively promote the linkage between coal price and electricity price, and the linkage between sales price and electricity price, so as to strive to form a scientific and reasonable electricity price mechanism as soon as possible

in the future, the tension between power supply and demand will continue. According to Liu Zhenya, by 2015 and 2020, the power consumption of the whole society in China will reach 6.3 trillion kWh and 8.3 trillion kwh respectively, and the task of power construction is arduous

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