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On September 5, it was learned from the national development and Reform Commission station that the national development and Reform Commission and the Energy Administration issued the notice on carrying out the pilot work of power spot market construction, and selected the South (starting from Guangdong), Mengxi, Zhejiang and other regions as the first batch of power spot market pilots. The pilot areas should start the trial operation of the electricity spot market by the end of 2018, and actively promote the medium and long-term electricity trading that is suitable for the electricity spot market. Analysts believe that the launch of the construction pilot is a breakthrough in the field of power market construction after the launch of the new round of power reform, and the reform of power marketization may be accelerated

promote the construction of power spot market

the notice specifies that eight regions in the South (starting from Guangdong), Mengxi, Zhejiang, Shanxi, Shandong, Fujian, Sichuan and Gansu are the first batch of pilots to accelerate the organization and promotion of the construction of power spot market. The notice requires that the pilot areas should focus on the mechanism of time of use electricity price in a day, which does not mean that resources can be obtained at a very low price. On the basis of clarifying the optimization objectives of the spot market, a clearing mechanism and congestion management mechanism of the spot market under security constraints should be established

in this regard, Zeng Ming, director of the energy economy research center of North China Electric Power University, told the China Securities Journal that the power market should be conducive to the discovery of real value, but also be able to prevent risks, so it should form a complete market system combining the spot market and the medium and long term market. Zeng Ming pointed out that the intra day TOU price mechanism will be the basis of the electricity price system in the reform of the electricity market, and the TOU price reflects the cost of electricity, a special commodity, in different periods of time. Since electricity has different costs in different periods of time, it is necessary to establish a time of use electricity price mechanism. In addition, the spot market requires a balance between supply and demand, which requires a clearing mechanism. The congestion management mechanism is a necessary condition for the spot market to further promote the pilot demonstration of intelligent manufacturing, the standardization of intelligent manufacturing and the safe and efficient operation of the new mode utilization field. As the carrier of the power market, electricity should try to make the transaction flow unimpeded, and reach transactions according to the supply and demand situation, rather than reducing transactions due to congestion

once tested the equipment: electronic tensile test machine Ming said that the pilot construction is of great significance for the next step to comprehensively promote the spot market of electricity. The selection of the eight pilot areas not only considers the basic conditions for establishing the power spot market, but also considers the inclusion of regions with different typical characteristics. Specifically, Guangdong has the fastest pace of reform in the power market, has accumulated experience, and external market conditions are also suitable for the spot power market pilot. Sichuan has hydropower and thermal power. How to enter the market at the same time and how to operate in the spot market at the same time in the future is of typical significance. Although Shanxi is not a developed region, the local government has been at the forefront of efforts to promote the construction of the power market. Gansu is the wind power base in the northwest, and the spot market may promote the reduction of wind and light abandonment through the market mechanism

speed up the reform of power marketization

it is of great significance to establish a spot electricity trading market. Zeng Ming said that electricity spot is matched with electricity futures and medium and long-term contracts, and a complete electricity market can provide a fair, fair, open and efficient market space

analysts believe that the launch of the pilot construction of the electricity spot market is a breakthrough in the construction of the electricity market after the start of the new round of electricity reform. Encourage the reform of electricity price trading mechanism and the pilot of power spot market, or accelerate the development of transmission and distribution market, and promote the construction of distributed new energy power generation and other markets

Zeng Ming believes that the establishment of a spot electricity trading market is conducive to solving the problem that clean energy has been difficult to enter the market for many years, and is conducive to solving the problem of abandoning wind and light. The clean energy represented by wind and light has high random volatility. One of the advantages of the spot market is to help the randomly fluctuating clean energy enter the market

the reform of power market has accelerated. Recently, the national development and Reform Commission issued a notice to comprehensively promote the reform of trans provincial, trans regional and regional power transmission prices, carry out the verification of trans provincial and trans regional power transmission prices, and promote trans provincial and trans regional power market transactions

in addition, the reform of provincial electricity transmission and distribution prices has been completed. Data show that in 2016, the proportion of electricity market-oriented transactions has reached 22.25%. In the first half of this year, the scale of direct electricity transactions within the business areas of state power, southern power and Mengxi power reached 500billion kwh, accounting for the opposite proportion of electricity sales of power enterprises, accounting for 22%, with a year-on-year increase of 50%. The national development and Reform Commission predicted that by the end of this year, the scale of power marketization, including direct power trading, power generation rights trading, and cross provincial power transmission trading, will reach 2trillion kwh, accounting for 35% of electricity sales

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