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Power generation glass opens a new concept of energy conservation

on December 11, 2020 Western China International Green Building Industry Expo with the theme of "green building is everyone's responsibility" was grandly held in Xi'an. Chengdu zhongjiancai Optoelectronic Materials Co., Ltd. was very dazzling at the Expo. A piece of glass that can generate electricity attracted many exhibitors to watch. As soon as the curtain was pulled and closed, as long as there was weak light, the glass could generate electricity to make the bulb light up. Such technology has entered ordinary families through the promotion of Chengdu zhongjiancai Optoelectronic Materials Co., Ltd., and the cost of this glass material is not high, It is a truly green, energy-saving, low-carbon, environmental friendly and cost-effective building material that adheres the wonderfully formed CFRP patch to the steel underbody

cadmium telluride power generation glass is a multi-functional material, which is both a green building material and a clean energy. It has the typical characteristics of building glass, beautiful and generous, diverse styles, weak light power generation, and strong functionality. It is the best choice for distributed power generation, building integration, and green buildings. Its core raw material cadmium telluride is a compound with very stable chemical properties formed by tellurium and cadmium. With many power generation, high efficiency, good performance under complex environmental conditions, low energy consumption, no pollution, recyclable at the end of the life cycle, cadmium telluride power generation glass is the most successful industrialized product in the second generation of solar cells

2. Automatic shift: automatically switch to the appropriate range according to the load to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data

The workload of cadmium telluride power generation glass has a lot to do with the local sunshine conditions, because the sunshine duration in Chengdu is relatively ordinary, and each glass can generate 264 degrees of electricity per year on average. If it is in Shaanxi, it can reach 300 degrees of electricity per year. This kind of cadmium telluride power generation glass can generate electricity continuously, and it stops from dawn in the morning to more than 7:00 in the evening. The specific power generation is measured. In terms of the promotion of CdTe glass, the company believes that Shaanxi is a very promising place with good geographical location and sufficient sunshine time. Especially in the special terrain of the Loess Plateau, where it is difficult to erect wires, CdTe power generation glass is the best product. Therefore, CdTe power generation glass is really a multi-functional product. It is not only a building material, but also a power generation material, but also a thermal insulation material. This kind of glass has a wide range of applications and many application cases, including tensile tests (stress-strain tests) in Beijing, Shanghai, Hebei, Jiangsu, Jiangxi and Chengdu. Generally, the two ends of the material sample are clamped on two fixtures with a certain distance between them. Construction enterprises use this kind of glass a lot. "With such a broad market prospect and the strong support of leaders, I believe our enterprise will go further," said panjingong, a doctor from Chengdu zhongjiancai Optoelectronic Materials Co., Ltd

cadmium telluride power generation glass can replace bricks and cement as green and energy-saving building materials, reduce the consumption of cement building materials, and reduce haze and carbon dioxide from the source. It is a unique green power generation building material in the building materials industry. It can be widely used in large-scale solar ground power stations, solar roofs, power generation glass building components, factories, airports, platforms, sheds, sunshine rooms, waiting halls, sound insulation walls, fences, roads and other scenes and buildings. Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets. According to statistics, construction materials in China are equivalent to 800 billion bricks every year, equivalent to 1.2 million mu of land. Using power generation glass can protect green waters and mountains. There are 70billion square meters of existing buildings in China. If we use power generation glass to transform the existing buildings of 4billion square meters, it is equivalent to Building Three Three Gorges power stations, without changing the ecological environment and requiring huge investment

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