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Sanming City is located in the central and western North of Fujian Province. It is an emerging industrial city with many mountains, known as "eight mountains, one water and one field". Valin logistics vehicles with "CAMC" logo can often be seen on all national roads in Sanming. When accompanying Ge Xiaosheng, the general manager of Ma company, to visit Sanming market, who was under the greatest cost pressure from the rising price of cathode materials, the author met Yang Wenying, the driver of Sanming Datian hande Logistics Co., Ltd

Yang Wenying is a Hanma power user in Sanming. When he saw him, he had just completed a long-distance transportation back to Sanming. It took nearly 1800 kilometers to transport stones and plywood from Sanming to Guangzhou and back to Sanming, but Yang Wenying didn't look tired. In the conversation with Yang Wenying, the author learned that he drove a 6 × 4 Valin tractor is equipped with Hanma cm6d18.34530 power engine. When it comes to Hanma power, Yang Wenying concluded: therefore, "the climbing is vigorous, the fuel consumption is low, the braking in the cylinder is very advanced, the vehicle is very stable and comfortable to drive, and the power output is continuous and stable, and the vehicle runs very smoothly on the road."

powerful, fuel-efficient Hanma power conquers Sanming users

Yang Wenying told the author that he usually mainly runs the transportation business in the direction of Guangdong. It takes more than 1800 kilometers to transport stones and plywood from Sanming to the city of Guangdong. Due to the strict overload control in Fujian Province and the relatively loose overload control in Guangdong Province, I can only run the 314 National Highway in Fujian Province and the high-speed in Guangdong Province. I can obviously feel the power of Hanma starting and climbing on both national highways and highways. Fujian has many mountains and steep slopes. Vehicles need strong power to keep driving smoothly under such road conditions. I was surprised by the sufficient power of Han Ma. He said, "I've also driven a mechanical fuel pump car before. When I climb a slope, the speed is less than 1500 rpm, and I need to downshift immediately. For other cars with more than 1500 rpm, Hamma power runs about 1100~1200 rpm, and when I downshift at 1100 RPM in low-speed torque, the power is quite good, which I didn't expect."

in addition to the strong power that surprised Yang Wenying, he was also very satisfied with the fuel consumption of Hanma power. He said, "the fuel consumption of the vehicle is lower than I expected. Compared with previous vehicles, the fuel consumption of Valin engine is very satisfactory, about 33 ~ 36l/100km. When the vehicle is running at a speed of 70 ~ 90km/h, the fuel consumption is the lowest, and when the speed is greater than 90km/h, the fuel consumption is high."

years of transportation experience made Yang Wen have a different research on dealing with heavy trucks. He said: "No matter what car it is, it's good or bad to run. You can use it once, and you can feel the quality of the car after a trip. At present, I'm very satisfied with this car. For me, the car is like a partner, and we need time to run in. If you want to drive it better, you need to slowly explore its best handling performance. I believe that there is room for improvement in the overall performance of this car. For example, the fuel consumption can be a little lower, and it drives well It can be more comfortable. ". Also because of his special care for the vehicle, Yang Wen was very confident about the later use of the vehicle. He said, "if I follow my running method, the vehicle will generally not be overhauled. Choosing a good car like Valin with excellent quality and comprehensive service, coupled with the careful maintenance of my usual car, the goal of no overhaul for a million kilometers can be achieved."

at present, there are about 200 Hanma power in Fujian Province. For the launch of Hanma power, Ge Xiaosheng, general manager of Kaima service company, said that Sanming area is the blank area of Hanma power, so if users in this area want to buy a car, they first consider whether your service is timely and whether parts are easy to buy, and the demand for service is very high. Therefore, we will increase the storage of spare parts at local service stations. Our purpose is to convey a message to users that the purchase of Hamma power is guaranteed. Facts have proved that our move is very effective. Ge Xiaosheng said, "although our Valin car service in Sanming area has been on the right track, the spare parts of Hanma power are still in a loss making operation. However, as chairman Liu Hanru said," whoever gets the service gets the world ", I believe our efforts will make Hanma power gain a firm foothold in Sanming."

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