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Will the fresh air system replace the air purifier as the mainstream of the market

different from the familiar air purifier, the fresh air system is an air circulation processing system composed of ventilator, pipeline, etc. In short, the fresh air system is to keep the fresh air in the room without opening the window

with the "popularity" of fresh air, the debate on the purification effect between HDPE (low pressure PE) fresh air system and air purifier has never stopped in principle

some people say that the fresh air system is a large air purifier, but it is not

although, the rapid popularity of fresh air system in China is due to its haze removal technology. But in essence, the main function of the fresh air system is ventilation. Compared with the natural ventilation, it has large air exchange capacity, air exchange has inlet and exhaust, scientific, reasonable and orderly air distribution, and better air exchange effect. For families whose room type space is not transparent, it is a great contributor to the scientific improvement of ventilation problems

at the same time, the application of fresh air system can effectively control indoor air humidity, prevent mildew and bacterial breeding in autumn and winter, ensure health and prolong the life of furniture and buildings

in addition, opening windows for ventilation will inevitably bring noise and other problems, and the use of fresh air system can block the noise. The fresh air system has become an urgent need for people who have high requirements for sleep quality and do not like to open windows because of noise

according to ovicloud's prediction, the scale of China's fresh air market may reach 50billion yuan by 2020. More institutions predict that the fresh air market will soon usher in a period of rapid growth, with a future of 100 billion yuan. According to statistics, in European and American countries with good air quality, the penetration rate of public buildings and new household air has reached more than 90%, while the current penetration rate in China is less than 2%

such a huge market has attracted many enterprises to actively layout, including not only Midea, Gree, Haier and other home appliance giants, but also 352, air fort, Zhixiang kongjing, lifaair and other professional enterprises of fresh air system

"with the arrival of consumption upgrading, with the development of China's economic construction, especially urban construction, people's demand for air energy distribution in China has also increased. From outdoor pollution protection to intelligent management of indoor air quality, consumers have higher demand for air consumption, and the fresh air system came into being." The relevant person in charge of the air castle said

in the eyes of most enterprises engaged in fresh air system, fresh air system is not a substitute for air purifier, but a product of social progress

"in the future, the two products will coexist. Fresh air products are characterized by external circulation, while air purification is an internal circulation." 352 the relevant person in charge of environmental protection technology said, "if it is only for haze, then the fresh air system is not a ubiquitous necessity for plastic products"

lifaair general manager zhangwendong also said publicly that the fresh air system and the air purifier are not substitutes for each other, and should not be used to compare which is better or worse, because there are great differences in purification principles, use scenarios and purification functions, and they should complement and support each other

compared with the air purifier, which is a mature market, the fresh air market is still in the growth stage. For example, at the beginning of the development of the air purifier, there were such phenomena as good and evil people mixed up, price confusion, lack of norms and so on, and fresh air can not get around these problems. Therefore, for the fresh air in the growing period, what we should do now is not to consider how to compete with the air purifier, but to introduce national standards as soon as possible, formulate industrial norms, rectify industrial chaos, and strengthen consumption guidance, so as to make the fresh air system develop more rationally and healthily

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