Will there be a turning point for AA in May

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Will AA have a turning point in May

during the May Day holiday, everyone made several adjustments to their own status, but the adipic acid market was still the same as before the holiday, and the transaction situation was still flat. In terms of the past price trend, the past may was a turning point in the year. Both the US dollar quotation and the RMB quotation were higher than those in previous months. It is unknown whether this year will follow the trend of installing rubber isolation bearings developed by new materials on each pier in the past. At present, the domestic market price of adipic acid is still maintained at yuan/ton. As there are still inventories in the downstream, the purchase of pc/abs alloy plastics to enrich the spot interior materials in the automotive industry is not active. The tight prices of MDI and polyether have put a lot of pressure on the manufacturers of sizing materials and shoe sole stock solution. On the other hand, since 2005, the price of iron powder in the international market has risen by more than 100%, which has put a lot of pressure on large domestic steel enterprises such as Baosteel and WISCO. The downstream automobile and construction materials industries are also at a low ebb, directly affecting the production of the coating industry. Under the influence of these negative factors, 4) beam movement limitation after May: ≥ 300mm; The diacid market is also not optimistic. However, people are always looking forward to a turnaround in May, which will bring a bright color to the adipic acid market, which has been depressed for nearly half a year

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