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Will the ZTE incident be repeated in the field of industrial interconnection

the ZTE incident made us feel the pain of being clamped down by other countries' science and technology, and more aware of the extreme importance of core technology. While reflecting on how to catch up in the chip field, we should pay more attention to the network security in the field of industrial informatization

industrial systems are controlled by people

similar to the situation faced in communication base station chips, in China's huge industrial infrastructure, such as urban subway, electric power, airport and port, drainage and gas supply, the purchased complete sets of industrial control systems and network equipment are still monopolized by foreign products. Taking the subway construction as an example, the major industrial control equipment in its communication and electromechanical systems, such as industrial switches, programmable logic controllers, sensors, etc., are still preferred by foreign brands such as Rockwell, Honeywell, Siemens, Schneider, etc. Major metro signal system (CBTC) integrators, such as Shanghai Casco, traffic control technology, zdaxin, Ziyi Thales, Nanjing enrit, etc., only choose the core switch in their network system from the two brands of American hesman and Taiwan Mosha. These foreign manufacturers have formed the current market monopoly by virtue of their global brand influence, early entry into China, and even the interest chain

information security cannot be ignored

a small chip is enough to paralyze one of China's top 500 enterprises overnight. If there are security problems in these information systems related to the important infrastructure of the national economy and the people's livelihood, the country may fall into disaster. This is not alarmist. Similar incidents are happening frequently. For example:

in 2010, about 30000 network terminals of the Iranian government were infected with earthquakes, and the virus targeted its nuclear facilities

2012, rogercom, an industrial network switch manufacturer under Siemens, disclosed its network back door, so that foreign parties can monitor and even hijack the control of industrial systems. Many new digital substations and nuclear power projects in China have been affected, and the patch and upgrade of the core control system has even continued to this day

in december2013, due to the signal system failure of foreign manufacturers, Beijing Metro Line 13 was changed to manual communication to command the train to enter and leave the station, which paralyzed the operation of the subway for 1 hour in the morning rush hour

in 2016, the Russian industrial control security team published a list of default passwords for industrial control equipment through the Internet, involving 134 industrial control equipment from 48 manufacturers, including Siemens, Schneider, Hessman and Mosha. Hackers can use this list to obtain the operation authority of industrial control equipment and carry out illegal attacks

in April, 2018, several media reported that the industrial router Mosha edr-810 exposed 17 serious vulnerabilities

the above events show that foreign products are not absolutely reliable, and the hidden dangers of information security such as backdoors and loopholes have not been paid enough attention by the state and relevant units. Relying on foreign industrial control and networking products to build the information system of industrial infrastructure can not guarantee nothing, and even there are serious hidden dangers of national information security. Take the subway as an example. By the end of 2017, 34 cities in China had been put into operation, with a total operating mileage of 5021.7 kilometers, ranking first in the world. 23 cities have been approved and are under construction. In Beijing alone, more than 3.7 billion passengers take the subway every year. With such a large passenger flow, if the information control system fails, the impact will be disastrous

the bane of monopoly of foreign products

however, it is puzzling and regrettable that during the construction of urban rail transit in China, foreign brands are still over trusted and domestic brands are excluded. In the bidding of some projects, there are even cases of designating foreign brands and deliberately setting unreasonable conditions to restrict domestic brands. Some media mentioned in the report "from domestic large aircraft to Shenyang Metro, how can domestic manufacturing rise" that in the bidding document for the integrated monitoring project of Shenyang Metro Line 9 phase I project in 2017, all the optional brands of PLC, switch, sensor, relay, lightning protector and other products are Siemens, Honeywell, Weidmuller, Phoenix and other foreign brands. Coincidentally, similar situations also occur frequently in Shenyang Metro Line 10, Changzhou Metro Line 1, Chongqing Metro Line 4 and other projects. This is the composition of typical fatigue testing machines and the product discrimination of basic management in daily use. This not only violates the relevant provisions of China's bidding law, but also contributes to the unhealthy atmosphere of foreign brands controlling the market, excluding and suppressing domestic brand competition. It is also easy to breed corruption and power rent-seeking, damage people's interests and national reputation, and bury hidden dangers for the country's information security

on the other hand, over reliance on foreign brands has resulted in high metro construction costs. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, China's investment in urban rail construction has reached 1.3 trillion, and the total investment scale during the 13th Five Year Plan period is expected to exceed 3 trillion. Among the costs of subway construction, the most foreign products are electromechanical equipment and communication information system, accounting for about 20% of the total investment, with a total annual amount of more than 100billion yuan. Although the investment amount is not the largest among the costs, it is the most profitable part compared with other costs such as land acquisition, civil engineering and vehicle procurement. Generally, the price of foreign equipment is twice as high as that of domestic similar products, which not only enables foreign manufacturers to seize huge profits, but also significantly increases the overall cost of construction and the cost of later maintenance and repair, and increases local financial pressure

how to break the situation

whether considering the security and controllability of the information system or saving the investment cost of infrastructure construction, we should actively support the leading plastic products industry, which is an innovative national enterprise with independent controllable product and technology research and development strength in the origin of waste plastics. This is the fundamental measure to benefit the country and the people

fortunately, in the process of the rapid development of China's urban rail transit, a number of national brands with independent intellectual property rights, scientific management and rich practical experience have been born. Their products and systems have proved that they are fully capable of carrying the banner of made in China of China's urban rail transit in the process of system operation and maintenance for many years. However, in the lower part of the round axis of bidding and investment, national enterprises often encounter the exclusion of unfair competition, and are also hindered by the intellectual property rights and international standards set up by foreign manufacturers, which leads to the lack of leading enterprises in the field of rail transit industrial control and the failure to cultivate international well-known brands, affecting the sound development of national enterprises and delaying the process of fully mastering information security in China

relevant government departments and units should further create a fair competition market environment. We should change our ideas, eliminate all kinds of unreasonable artificial barriers, and let all market players participate in market competition in accordance with the law and on an equal footing, and be fairly protected by law

secondly, improve relevant laws and regulations. The scope and specific contents covered by the network safety law should be extended to the protection of industrial infrastructure, especially the industrial control equipment, industrial network and industrial information system of rail transit, so as to effectively ensure the implementation of the national strategy of "made in China 2025" and "integration of industrialization and industrialization"

finally, the government has more planned to support national brands in terms of Taxation, talent training, product research and development, base construction, financial support, etc., to help domestic enterprises make up for their weaknesses in competition with foreign enterprises

our road to becoming a powerful country cannot be dependent on others. Only by mastering the core scientific and technological strength can ZTE's event be stopped

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