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The porch is the facade of a family. It can play the role of storage, isolation space, decoration, etc. we will choose the porch cabinet for decoration, so how to choose the porch cabinet when entering the door? How much is it? Next, Xiaobian will simply introduce to you how to choose the porch cabinet and its price

I. how to choose the entrance porch cabinet

1 Practical functions of the porch cabinet

when we choose the porch cabinet, we should not only consider its beauty, but also pay attention to its practical functions. If we choose the porch shoe cabinet, we should not only consider its function of putting shoes, but also be able to put some umbrellas, keys and other small items

2. It depends on the room.

there are many styles of porch cabinets entering the door. When we choose the porch cabinet entering the door, we should decide according to the space size of the porch. For example, in a house with a relatively small porch space, we can choose the porch cabinet with sliding door or the embedded porch cabinet

3. The style of the porch cabinet

the porch cabinet can make the finishing point for the indoor space. Its style should be determined according to the overall indoor style to ensure the overall coordination of the whole indoor space. The decorative effect of the entrance porch cabinet is also very important. When we choose to enter the porch cabinet, we'd better choose the style of solid and virtual, which can not only maintain the privacy of the living room, but also have good practical functions

4. The size of the porch cabinet

the size of the porch cabinet has no fixed size, which is mainly selected according to the size of the porch space and personal needs. Generally, the height of the porch cabinet is about 1.2 meters, which is convenient for everyone to access items. Of course, according to the needs of the owner, you can make some decorations on it or directly do the top. The floor area of the porch cabinet had better not be too large, otherwise it will choose to be bloated

Second, the price of the porch cabinet

Jiale mingpin shoe cabinet multi-layer porch cabinet high-capacity multi-functional lockers with doors is about 430 yuan

aiee living room porch cabinet wine cabinet partition screen cabinet storage display cabinet 200 high * 120 wide * 30 the price is about 850 yuan

Warner's shoe cabinet storage porch cabinet is high on the right and low on the left. The price is about 1600 yuan

elifer living room porch cabinet screen shoe cabinet wine cabinet compartment cabinet 1.3 meter cabinet price is about 1800 yuan

the price of the hall cabinet in the hollowed out porch cabinet, shoe cabinet, shelf room of Mahalanobis imperial court screen is about 1900 yuan

yijiada wine cabinet partition cabinet porch cabinet glass wine cabinet porch partition price is about 250-1050 yuan

Mansfield shoe cabinet, hallway cabinet, dust-proof shoe rack 90cm, the price is about 200 yuan

the above prices are from the Internet and are for reference only

summary of the editor: This is the introduction of how to choose the porch cabinet and its price. I hope that after reading this article, I can provide you with reference and help




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