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In France, chefs belong to the category of artists. There is also a world-famous and long-standing organization that does authoritative appraisal for these artists and their creative place restaurant: "Michelin". Xiaobian will show you about Michelin restaurant today

in France, chefs belong to the category of artists. France also has a world-famous and long-standing place for these artists and their creation — The authority of the restaurant: “ Michelin ”. Xiaobian will show you about Michelin restaurant today

Michelin is a French authoritative appraisal institution with a long history that specializes in commenting on the catering industry. In 1900, the founder of Michelin tire published a guide for tourists to choose restaurants on the journey, Michelin Guide. Michelin Guide is the general name of food and travel guide books, in which restaurants and hotels are evaluated, and the book cover is red “ Red guide ” (Le guide Rouge) is the most representative, so sometimes the term Michelin Guide refers specifically to “ Red guide &rdquo

in addition to the red guide to accommodation, there are also green book covers “ Green guide ” (Le guide vert), including travel planning, scenic spot recommendation, road guidance, etc. Michelin red Guide Series (also known as Michelin red Guide) since then, the Michelin red guide series, which has been renovated and launched every year, has been “ Gourmet ” Regarded as a treasure, it is known as the European Food Bible. Later, it began to rate the stars of French restaurants every year

restaurant sanitation

restaurant sanitation mainly includes the sanitation of the environment, tableware, service table, pantry and the public areas in charge of the restaurant

I. The environmental sanitation of the restaurant refers to the floor, walls, ceilings, doors and windows, lamps and lanterns, and various decorations of the restaurant, including paintings, handicrafts, etc

1. Floor hygiene: the floor should be kept clean no matter what material is used. For example, the marble floor should be cleaned every day, waxed and polished regularly Clean the floor every day, wipe it with an oil mop, remove the old wax regularly, apply new wax and polish it If carpet is laid on the dining floor, dust should be collected 2 to 3 times a day

2. Sanitation of walls and ceilings: dust should be removed regularly. Wallpaper posted on walls and ceilings should be wiped regularly with clean water to ensure cleanliness and beauty

3. Windows and doors should be wiped every week, and wiped in time in rainy or windy days Lamps and various decorations should be thoroughly wiped and cleaned regularly

II. Sanitation of tableware: wipe carefully with a clean cloth before each meal. Service supplies on the table, such as the seasoning rack, should be cleaned on the meal. The seasoning bottle should not have stains, and the water in the tea bottle should be changed every day

III. sanitation of the service table: carefully clean the table after each meal. The tabletop should be clean, and the tableware should be placed orderly and neatly. Pay special attention to the eradication of cockroaches, and often change the padding cloth or paper

IV. sanitation outside the dining room: tidy the meals, and keep the dressing cabinet and furniture cabinet clean and orderly

v. public health area of the restaurant: generally refers to the nearby rest room, corridor, etc., which should be carefully cleaned

restaurant price

according to insiders, according to the price positioning of foreign Michelin 3-star restaurants, the per capita consumption of dining here is about 3000 yuan to 4000 yuan. Counting Michelin “ Stars ” Eating a big meal is a high-level enjoyment in Europe. Even Michelin star is already a high honor in the catering industry in Europe and America

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