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With the rapid development of the Internet and the arrival of the peak harvest and decoration season, many young post-80s owners like to go to the decoration website to find decoration companies. How reliable are the decoration companies found online? Is the decoration company recommended by the website really reliable

a citizen, Mr. Liu and his wife, complained that the expenditure of the sunny Star decoration construction hired by them in the groundhog net had exceeded half of the budget in only one week, and they could not reach a consensus on stopping work for several days. Insiders pointed out that finding decoration online has become the mainstream choice of young owners nowadays. When signing a contract, consumers had better agree with the decoration company that the actual project cost should not exceed 10% of the budget quotation to avoid the decoration trap

Case: the construction has exceeded the budget by 50% in one week.

the reporter recently received a complaint from Mr. Liu, saying that he bought a 66 square meter second-hand house in Shazhou street, Fangcun in April this year and was ready to destroy it and renovate it all. In mid April, I began to search for decoration information online with my wife. After registering on a decoration website called "groundhog", I was recommended to three decoration companies. After measuring the scale on the door, the three companies issued budget quotations. Finally, I selected the Airport Road branch of Guangzhou sunny Star decoration company, which is at a medium level in all aspects, and signed a decoration contract with it with a budget price of more than 30000 yuan

after the construction began, Mrs. Liu received continuous notices from decorators every day that they wanted to increase the area and projects. First, the wall shovel ash was changed from the budgeted 30 square meters to 150 square meters. The kitchen waterproof quotation indicated that it was 3.1 square meters. She was told to increase 18.3 square meters and the cost would increase by 830 yuan... The cement project with a budget of 20000 yuan increased by almost 50%, and the original budget of 35000 yuan was expected to increase to 67000 yuan. After reporting the situation to the headquarters, the manager at the scene said, "the waterproof treatment of the kitchen wall does not need to achieve the ceiling, but only needs to be done with a height of 1.2 meters, so there is no need to increase 18.3 square meters; it is also possible not to increase 118 square meters when shoveling the wall ash. Most of the walls are in good condition without shoveling, and the same effect can be achieved by applying glue and then fanning the ash..." Mrs. Liu angrily said that when signing the contract, the underreporting is omitted and underreported, and the cost will be significantly increased after the commencement of work, This is really unacceptable. In this regard, manager Huang, head of Qingxing decoration Airport Road branch, said that the problem was caused by the disconnection between the design department and the Engineering Department of the company

the online trading volume accounts for about 70% of the annual turnover.

Ni Ankui, executive vice president of Guangzhou architectural decoration industry association, told reporters that five years ago, waiting for owners to come to the house and community promotion was the main business promotion model of Guangzhou decoration companies such as Xingyi, Huaye Hongtu, Huaxun taste, and almost 90% of the turnover came from traditional channels. Insiders pointed out that in recent years, as the post-80s generation has gradually become the main group of home decoration, they rely on online channels, are used to online consumption, and looking for decoration online has become an undeniable mainstream phenomenon. According to rough statistics, there are more than 100 Guangzhou local decoration companies that are active online. Manager Huang, head of Qingxing decoration Airport Road branch, said that the amount of online orders placed by the company could account for more than 70% of its annual turnover

promotion fee: close to 400000 yuan per year

the reporter learned that it is indeed free for consumers to find decoration companies on decoration websites, but when decoration companies are clicked and promoted, they need to pay fees to the website. The general process of finding decoration online is that after the owner registers and publishes the decoration demand on the decoration website, the decoration website recommends 3 ~ 5 decoration companies to the owner, and reaches the decoration contract through door-to-door measurement and bidding. Regardless of whether the owner wins the bid, the decoration company needs to pay 100 ~ 200 yuan of promotion fee to the decoration website every time

manager Huang, head of Qingxing decoration Airport Road branch, told reporters that the cost of online promotion of decoration companies is very high. In addition to continuously publishing advertisements on more than a dozen large decoration websites, and each recommendation will be charged 100-200 yuan, the cost of clicking on advertisements in search engine links is even more expensive. Every click will be charged 2-50 yuan, and many of them are malicious clicks and invalid clicks, Manager Huang said that only his own branch spent nearly 1000 yuan per day on online promotion, and the annual promotion cost was close to 400000 yuan

lawyer: the written agreement excess range

Guan fan, an expert of Guangzhou Building Decoration Industry Association, pointed out that to avoid the decoration risk, it is best to find a big brand decoration company first. When choosing a decoration company, the owner should not be greedy for convenience, do not expect to spend online without leaving home, and it is best to visit the decoration company to investigate the scale and qualification, observe the design level, and carefully study the contract; Secondly, empiricism is more applicable. It is a good method to find friends who have decorated and introduce decoration companies that feel good

the lawyer reminds the owner that when signing the decoration contract with the decoration company, it is best to visit the decoration company in person and finalize all the details of the project, area and so on with the designer and the engineering department. Finally, it must be clearly agreed in the contract that "the actual project cost shall not exceed 10% of the contract budget" in words, so as to effectively avoid the possibility and disputes of unlimited increase in projects and expenses during decoration

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