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If you want to create a custom wardrobe that can collect, look good, environmental protection, economy and practicality, extraordinary and unique taste, you don't need to go all out to find it here...

if you want to create a

collectable, durable, environmentally friendly, economical and practical

extraordinary and unique custom wardrobe

you don't need to go all out to find

it's here

stanley American home

simple and beautiful style

long-lasting and atmospheric appearance

→ simple American line decoration, exquisite and atmospheric; Top cabinet + swing door, for storage and expansion of space, with good tightness; The shuttered waist line breaks the monotony of space and injects fashion vitality into a quiet life; The glass door brings a hazy effect, especially under the light reflection, it feels very graceful ~

→ the wardrobe is designed to the top, and the top cabinet is made to facilitate the storage of seasonal clothes; Drawer design is interspersed below to meet the storage of different objects

→ low-key atmosphere, full texture, on the basis of taste and style, this fitillo series flat door wardrobe of Stanley USA is the best choice

simple European style

fresh and elegant, showing temperament

→ the wardrobe adopts UV resistant double facing, which can keep the color of the wardrobe unchanged for several years. If you like white, you don't have to worry about the wardrobe turning yellow anymore

→ it can also increase the dressing area according to the needs of the householder, including mirrors, lattice layers, accessories and cosmetics

simple fashion style

simple fashion, full of modernity

→ simple and fashionable appearance, functional, economical and practical; The top design makes full use of the space. The simple handle is matched with the plain color wardrobe, which shows a clean and tidy feeling ~

→ the color matching is very eye-catching. Compared with the ordinary flat door core, this wardrobe adds the sliding board door core design with dynamic and hierarchical beauty, which is light and dark, with strong color contrast, and the visual effect is very obvious

→ the vertical shutter design of the cabinet door is smooth and natural. In order to avoid deformation, fashionable glass waist line and wide round Kelly frame are specially added to make the overall effect of the wardrobe not only beautiful, but also very stable and durable

→ feel that solid color is too monotonous. You can choose color mixing and matching effect to create your own personal style

→ you can also add arc cabinet, drawer or dressing mirror according to your own needs

→ setting a high-depth pull basket in the wardrobe can improve a lot of storage space. It has the same free stretching and hiding effect as a drawer, and it has several times more space than the storage of a drawer, which is very practical

customized wardrobe gives you 100 possibilities

whether it's color, style or function selection, you can participate in the design with the designer! This is probably the beauty of customized wardrobe






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