Arrested for drugging women and recording them wit

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Arrested for drugging women and recording them without consent - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Police searched the apartment on ThursdayThe vaccine, which is expected to roll out in Europe in a few weeks..

03-03-2022Policia Nacional

A 30-year-old Jordanian has been arrested by the National Police in Palma, accused of drugging, sexually abusing and recording at least six women without their consent.

The events date back to October 21 last yearDel.. A woman reported that she had been recorded by the man, with whom she had had sexual relations. This information was obtained through third parties and the woman, on her own, began to investigate and discovered a memory card belonging to the accusedThe provinces have administered doses at a rate of 20,543.418 per 100,000..

On this, there were pornographic videos of other womenIndoor public gatherings, who also did not know that they had been secretly recorded. Some of them had been drugged so that they would not offer any resistance.

The National Police traced another victim. The woman told investigators that he had invited her for a drink at his homeThe daughter of one Brampton factory worker who died fro. She was unable to remember anything because he had drugged her.

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