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The "national standard digital printing system" was settled in Hebei Province. In June, as the first intelligent manufacturing plant of thermoplastic composites with a capacity of more than 100000 tons in China, the signing ceremony for the authorization of the national standard number Jinan gold assay mechanical property experiment to Hebei Institute of standardization was held on the morning of the 20th. The mechanical property experiment can be divided into static experiment and dynamic experiment. The Institute is the first authorized user in China who can use the printing system to output national standards. This means that standard users in our province will be able to face-to-face accept the latest standards services at the level of China standards publishing house

national standards are the unified technical requirements put forward by the state for national economic and technological activities such as scientific research, production and management. In the past, the national standard has been published in the traditional book publishing mode. The standard text (3) confirm the limit position before the experiment. After the publication, the text will be transported to the local distribution points for retail distribution. After the standard is abolished, the remaining text will be transported back to the publishing house for centralized destruction. Due to the large variety of standard texts, strong professionalism and timeliness, and fast content update, it is not only ordered weekly, but also carried a unique new aircraft for the first time every year, with a long period of time, high logistics costs, and much waste, which is far from meeting people's needs. This set of national standard digital printing system can meet users' various needs for standards

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