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National standard: determination method of corrugated board adhesive strength

with the high-speed railway project inspection, it is found that the performance of polyurea waterproof layer used in bridge deck is insufficient. National standard of the people's Republic of China: determination method of corrugated board adhesive strength gb/t replaces GB corrugated board determination of ply adhesive strength preface

this standard adopts Japanese standard jisz "test method of corrugated board adhesive strength"

this standard is a revised version of GB method for determination of adhesive strength of corrugated board

this standard is based on gb/t1 "Guidelines for standardization work, unit 1: Rules for the drafting and expression of standards, current part 1: basic provisions for the preparation of standards"

this standard will replace GB from the date of implementation

this standard is proposed by China Light Industry Association

this standard is under the jurisdiction of the National Paper Industry Standardization Technical Committee

the drafting unit of this standard: China pulp and Paper Industry Research Institute

the main drafters of this standard are Li Lanfen and Zhang Shaoling

1 range

this standard specifies the determination method of the adhesive strength of corrugated board

this standard is applicable to the determination of the adhesive strength of various types of corrugated cardboard

2 reference standard

the provisions contained in the following standards constitute provisions of this standard through reference in this standard. When this standard is published, the editions shown are valid. All standards will be revised. All parties using this standard should explore the possibility of using the latest versions of the following standards

gb paper and paperboard samples adopt

gb/t corrugated paperboard edge pressure strength determination method

GB standard atmosphere for pulp, paper and paperboard sample processing and testing

3 test principle

golf needle shaped accessories are inserted between the paper and face paper (or core paper) of the sample, and then pressure is applied to the needle shaped accessories inserted with the sample, so that they should be aware of which aspects of the electronic universal testing machine should be maintained and operated, Until it was separated by him

4 test instrument

4.1 compression strength tester

shall meet the technical requirements of compression strength tester specified in gb6546

4.2 the device for cutting samples

shall meet the cutting knife and requirements specified in gb6546

4.3 accessories

accessories are composed of upper and lower accessories, which are devices that apply uniform pressure to each adhesive part of the sample. Each other's accessory is composed of needle pieces and supports inserted equidistant into the center of the corrugated board space, as shown in Figure 1 (omitted)

the parallelism deviation of needle type accessories and supports shall be less than 1%

5 sampling, treatment and preparation

5.1 sampling shall be carried out according to Gb450

5.2 the sample shall be treated according to gb10739

5.3 preparation of samples: cut from the samples to promote the innovation and improvement of express packaging, and take 10 25mm × For the 80mm sample, the corrugation direction should be consistent with the direction of the short side. The sample size error is ± 1mm

6 test steps

the test shall be carried out under the atmospheric conditions specified in Chapter 5

6.1 first install the tested sample into the accessories, as shown in Figure 2 (omitted), and then place it in the center of the lower pressing plate of the compression instrument

6.2 start the compression instrument and press the accessories containing the sample at the speed of (12.5 ± 2.5) mm/min until the ridge peak is separated from the face paper (coreable paper)

record the maximum force displayed, accurate to 1n

7 the result indicates that

calculate the average value of all tests, and then calculate the bonding strength of corrugated board according to formula (1): P = f/l...

where: P - bonding strength, n/m

f - the maximum force required when the sample is completely separated, N

l - the size of the long side of the sample, M

8 test report

the test report includes the following contents:

a. the number of this standard

b. date and place of test seal of test personnel test unit

c. type and description to be tested

d. atmospheric conditions of the test

e. name and model of the instrument used

f. report the test results, accurate to three significant figures

g. analysis of measurement error

h. other descriptions related to the test results

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