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The national special paper production base has been built in Tianjin

in less than a year, Tianjin Jinzheng Paper Co., Ltd., which invested 51. The sliding parts should be regularly lubricated by 10million yuan and officially put into operation, has made great achievements: applying for the registration of five patent varieties; Successfully developed 8 advanced special paper products; For the first time, it opened up export channels in Europe, the Middle East and other international markets, breaking the long-standing monopoly of the domestic specialty paper market by foreign investors; The largest special paper production base in China has been built, and its products have quickly become a hot variety in the domestic market

after the company launched the modern high-grade paper production project, with the business purpose of advanced technology, high-end products and market innovation, it has successively introduced advanced equipment such as the special anti-counterfeiting paper production line of Italian over company, the French high-grade bleached cotton pulp production line, the full-automatic anti-static duplicating paper cutting line and full-automatic packaging line of German bilomatik company, so that the paper cutting capacity of a single paper cutter can reach 4000 tons/month, ranking first in the country. The annual output of anti-counterfeiting paper production line also ranks first in the same category. A series of paper products, such as watermark paper, marking paper, PVC base paper, wallpaper base paper, insulating paper, cotton pulp paper, etc., have also made Tianjin the largest special paper production base in China, filling the gap in China's special paper market. The annual production capacity of the enterprise is 70000 tons of double offset paper and 12000 tons of cotton pulp. This year, it plans to produce 30000 tons of various products. After all the projects are completed, the annual sales revenue of the enterprise is 600million yuan

only one year after it was put into production, they have opened up the national special paper market and special experimental channels for some products. In February this year, they established a special paper research institute and successively developed five patented new products, including national champion paper varieties, alternative domestic imported paper products, cotton pulp paper export technology, archival paper and examination paper products. In view of the rapid development of the domestic paper industry and the expanding market demand for anti-counterfeiting, the company actively grasped the pulse of the market, introduced foreign advanced equipment, and concentrated on the development of "anti-counterfeiting marking paper" technology. This product is a unique new generation product in the field of anti-counterfeiting paper products. It overcomes the weaknesses of traditional anti-counterfeiting paper products such as small output, high price, easy imitation and poor confidentiality, and provides the possibility for the wide spread of anti-counterfeiting paper

the product was put into production in April. After its products are put on the market, it will play an important role in cracking down on piracy for the impact testing machine of the maintenance edition of China's book and textbook industry, which is a precision testing instrument for measuring the mechanical properties, process properties, internal shortcomings of metal materials, non-metallic materials, mechanical parts, engineering structures, etc. under various conditions and environments, and for verifying the dynamic imbalance of rotating parts. At the same time, PVC base paper has also passed the acceptance and put into production. These products not only sell well in the domestic market, but also customers from the United States, the Middle East, Europe and other countries and regions have sent letters asking for orders and acting as regional agents

(information source: packaging newspaper)

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