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National standard: metal container (3)

normal align=left>7 metal hose

normal align=left>7.1 flat head tube

normal align=left> a kind of hose without nozzle, which can be opened by tearing off the folding end. It is usually disposable

normal align=left>7.2 disposable pipe

is no longer limited to some structural members. Normal align=left> a kind of hose that empties its contents at one time and generally cannot be resealed

normal align=left>7.3 shoulder

normal align=left> the inclined part between the nozzle and the pipe wall

normal align=left>7.4 stop rising the flexible cylinder part of the hose after rising for a distance

normal align=left>7.5 nozzle

normal align=left> outlet of hose. When squeezing the pipe wall, the contents are discharged from the nozzle

normal align=left>7.6 casing nozzle

normal align=left> an extended nozzle with special purpose. Such as the nozzle of eye ointment

normal take Liaodong Bay New Area petrochemical and fine chemical industry park as the core align=left>7.7 thin spacer nozzle

normal align=left> a nozzle sealed with a thin metal spacer, which can be punctured with a needle or nail cover

normal align=left>7.8 torpedo shaped nozzle

normal align=left> a conical closed nipple without thread

normal align=left>7.9 nozzle

normal align=left> nozzle for discharging the contents from the purchase

normal align=left>7.10 folding

normal align=left> the process of folding up and sealing the flat end of the filled hose. It is usually carried out together with blank holder

normal align=left>7.11 blank holder

normal align=left> the process of forming wrinkles or waves at the folded end of the hose to make the sealing more effective

normal align=left>8 sealer

normal align=left>8.1 universal sealer

normal align=left>8.1.1 stopper

normal align=left> a closure inserted into the opening of the packaging container, which is fixed by friction or thread

normal align=left>8.1.2 anti theft cover

normal align=left> after opening, it must be partially damaged, or a cover that shows signs of being opened

normal align=left>8.1.3 screw cap

normal align=left> cylindrical cap with continuous threads on the inner surface. See Figure 25

normal align=left>8.1.4 pressure screw cap

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