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Can the barbaric growth change of classic packaging return the "sugar" Dynasty

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core tip: memories are like a tide, often people can't help but linger, it often bypasses reason, and talks directly with the soul. In the era of tumbling memories, we can easily trace back to our own "bad boy" era. All kinds of snacks are written in their own packaged small world to achieve classics

[China Packaging News] memories are so popular that people often can't help but linger and forget to return. It often bypasses reason and talks directly with the soul. In the era of tumbling memories, we can easily trace back to our own evil childhood. All kinds of snacks are written in their own packaged small world to achieve classics

what is a classic brand? After all, the memory of taste buds is limited, and the visual impression is evergreen. Classic brands are an era captured by packaging

the past and present life of sweet time white rabbit packaging

to be modest, the white rabbit has spanned from the 60s to the 90s for decades. It is a beautiful memory, which has paved a successful model of packaging brand. From the initial love for mellow fragrance to the candy that children must chew with what they should chew when they were young, the enduring blue and white jade rabbit has become a favorite; To exaggerate, a giant rabbit with exposed front teeth is rolling around in the candy market, a rogue who firmly enters people's minds with the idea of giving up his own life. In today's words, the big white rabbit is simply invincible

although more than 80% of the information of packaging means comes from vision, if the designer's grasp and application of packaging color can directly reflect some characteristics of internal goods, this kind of goods is likely to become the first choice of buyers. But now in my memory, the reputation of the white rabbit is only self visual packaging and taste, which really wronged it

In 1959, as a gift product for the tenth anniversary of the national day of the people's Republic of China, the packaging of the big white rabbit can be said to firmly grasp the pulse of health and green. The slogan that seven big white rabbits are equal to a glass of milk brought health to its own camp in that era. On the packaging, even if the color printing of the printing and packaging is carefully controlled, even today, it is difficult to avoid the barrier of disease from the mouth

it can be said that wrapping edible rice paper outside is one of the important factors for the success of white rabbits. The edible rice paper and the insurance inside the package run in with each other, directly raising the eating safety and taste of the white rabbit to a new height. Compared with the green health awareness that has only gradually been popularized in recent years, the publicity and concept of the white rabbit is nearly 11.57 million tons of non coniferous wood chips, almost 50 years ahead of schedule

it has become a very exquisite snack and a big white rabbit

the most beautiful but memories, packaging and printing how to go further

in a hurry that year, the era will eventually pass, like the white rabbit, even if it continues to appear in the "love of the Hawthorn Tree", "love apartment" and other hot TV dramas and films, it is only a flash in the pan. Once the slogan of "care for domestic products and buy white rabbits" appeared, the brand was already shackled to the brink of extinction

the package is the same, and the taste is the same. It's even better than fastening the good luck foot nut, but it's still not enough. In the era of digital sharing, if it is possible to impress generations and be accepted by generations, it must be the ultimate at the beginning, or change recently

in contrast, although some old packaging is in the past, the nostalgic charm is never out of date. Coca Cola has been doing well in this regard. Coca Cola's glass bottle is well known all over the world for its beautiful curve shape. The packaging of Coca Cola in the early stage was plagued by frequent counterfeiting. In 1900, the company decided to re design the shape, but there has been no satisfactory scheme. In the creative concept record of the company in 1913, it was written that the bottle type of Coca Cola must be recognized by the touch of hands even in the dark. Even if you only see a part of the bottle during the day, you should immediately know that it is a Coca Cola bottle. Based on this design concept, the bottle shape with beautiful curve is designed. This kind of glass bottle is still used today. Popular packaging brands such as Coca Cola and McDonald's have been aggressive many times. By contrast, the packaging of white rabbit is too unchanged

packaging does not want to be silent, so it is inevitable to shush your head

the staff demonstrated that sending 3D image data on the computer to the 3D printer

Mengniu packaging is in the ascendant. On the one hand, Mengniu launched Mengniu pure milk products with the theme of nba jerseys in the country. NBA China, as the Licensor of relevant intellectual property rights, will provide NBA elements required for product packaging design, catching up with the locomotive of customized packaging; On the other hand, Mengniu selected farm milk, together with FanMei packaging, and RT mart, jointly launched a traceability strategy. In the future, as long as you scan the QR code of Mengniu selected farm milk, consumers can enter the ecosystem of Mengniu selected farm, not only understand the milk source information and milk processing information, but also obtain the services and discounts provided by partners

has truly marked the market, safety and fashion with the equal sign

dream back to the classics and return to the sugar Dynasty

the sugar price has been falling, but the sugar packaging is preparing for the rise and return to the sugar Dynasty

in terms of packaging, the more stable a brand is, the less incentive it has to expand into new markets. The main reason for the slow change is the continuous pursuit of production line efficiency in the candy industry, which has an important impact on the packaging design of the candy market. But the result is that more and more packages with similar appearance appear in stores

the three parts of an acre of sugar packaging can not only protect candy from microbial and dust pollution, but more importantly, the exquisite packaging coupled with the characteristics of sugar itself has greatly increased consumers' desire to buy. Fortunately, the candy market has noticed the new trends in the frozen food, convenience food and snack food markets; These markets are updating their product packaging to meet the social needs of changing eating habits. Just as the changing seasons have their own laws, sugar packaging itself has its own laws. The packaging design of many old brand candy enterprises in foreign countries has strong vitality, and it is still deeply loved by consumers after a hundred years

the concept is worthy of reference for domestic food production and packaging manufacturers to be simple rather than complex, brand packaging rather than single packaging, classic rather than temporary

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