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The national science popularization day Jiangsu home event was held in Nanjing with a dazzling array of new scientific and technological products. Release date: Source: Huaxia longitude and latitude

the 2019 "national science popularization day" Jiangsu home event jointly organized by Jiangsu Association for science and technology, Nanjing Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other units was held in Nanjing International Exhibition Center yesterday. A dazzling array of new scientific and technological products showed the divine part of scientific and technological innovation. Use: amazing charm, Let teenagers feel the interest of science and technology

in the booth of the provincial science popularization venue Association, adults and children can't help touching the meteorite brought by the Zijinshan Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Among them, the nwa869 ordinary chondrite looks black, not big, but particularly heavy, and many people are so tired when holding it. Olive meteorite iron emits a beautiful golden light under the light, which is very amazing. Zitai science experts said that because the density of meteorites is particularly high, it is very heavy to stop halfway after unloading. The olive meteorite iron displayed on site is composed of almost the same amount of gem grade olivine crystals and iron nickel alloy. It is one of the few meteorites in the world with associated craters, which is extremely rare. It has been found only 84 times so far, and is known as the "king of meteorites"

National Household Appliance Co., Ltd. brought the experience equipment of patrol inspection on high-voltage wires to the scene. In order to experience the feeling of being an electric worker, many visitors lined up in front of the booth. The staff told that in real life, the working scene of power workers is very complex. They should not only pay attention to their feet, but also observe every detail on the wire. Kites flying by children and plastic bags blown up by the wind should be removed. However, with the development of science and technology, the equipment of electric power personnel also began to use high technology. For example, the head mounted multispectral inspection instrument looks like a helmet, but the hat has lenses, regulators, etc. it uses infrared and other principles to help security inspectors judge where there is a fault

the second Nanjing Youth International Science Expo hosted by the provincial science communication center is also part of the science popularization day. Scientific reading, smart technology, creative market and other sectors are dizzying

in the science reading area, many publishing houses have brought popular science books covering mathematical science, chemistry, astronomy, earth science, bioscience and other categories to the children. The award-winning books of the 10th Jiangsu provincial excellent popular science works selection and the award-winning works of the 5th Jiangsu Provincial popular science public works competition were also displayed and recommended at the exhibition site. The series of books "first meeting science" brought by the children's publishing house, the series of courses "first meeting science" and the magazines "Jiangsu Science and Technology Daily" and "science public" brought by the science communication center also appeared at the exhibition one by one, and there were also famous writers and signature activities on the scene

popular science class is the most popular project in the creative collection area. During the rainy season, we should pay more attention to wiping the expectations of the public. In courses such as "children's creative construction", "toughness thermal deformation Vicat tester of comparable materials, my solar system" and "DIY butterfly specimen bookmark", children have strengthened their ability to use their hands, observe and concentrate, formed the habit of independent thinking and teamwork ability, and improved their logical thinking ability

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