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The national science and technology platform center investigated the opening and sharing of scientific research instruments and equipment in Beijing. On October 19, 2017, a five person delegation led by Bao Xianhua, director of the national science and technology foundation K platform center (hereinafter referred to as the "platform center"), Li Jiahong, deputy director of the platform center, Hu Yongjian, director of the second business division of the platform center, he Yuntao, deputy director of the Research Coordination Division, and Gao Lupeng, associate researcher, came to Beijing for research, The contents include: the effectiveness and experience of the construction of the capital's science and technology conditions platform, the implementation of GF No. 70 document, the practices and effectiveness of serving the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, as well as national and local linkage. Zheng Huanmin, deputy director of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Chen Yunbo, director of the Department of article and finance, and the working team of the conditions platform attended the symposium

first of all, Bao Xianhua, director of the platform center, introduced the purpose and main content of this survey. Subsequently, the article and Finance Department of the Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology introduced in detail the practice and effectiveness of the construction and operation of the capital's scientific and technological conditions platform, the support and accounting methods of performance evaluation funds, regional cooperation and the implementation of GF No. 70 document, and the wiring was accurate; When using, it is necessary to operate according to the rules and procedures in the manual. During the operation, stop the lower pressure plate from exceeding the piston rules. The two sides had full exchanges and discussions on the above contents

deputy director zhenghuanmin expressed his gratitude to the platform center for its strong support for Beijing's resource work. The Municipal Science and Technology Commission will continue to focus on the use of scientific and technological resources, organize the implementation and publicity of Document No. 0 and Document No. 34 of the city after the polymerization of Guofa 7 in situ at body temperature, further promote the formulation and implementation of policies, and promote the full opening and sharing of all kinds of scientific and technological resources in Beijing. It is hoped that the platform center will provide support for downloading or data port in terms of asset data of scientific research instruments and equipment

director Bao Xianhua affirmed the work of the capital science and technology conditions platform, and said that he would strongly support the national platform to share data with Beijing. At the same time, he hoped to further promote the linkage between the Ministry of science and technology and local governments, and promote the efficient allocation and open sharing of scientific and technological resources through the joint efforts of the central and local governments

it is an important work of instrument and equipment management to pay attention to the sharing service system of instruments and equipment and improve the use efficiency of instruments and equipment. As long as the government pays attention to the implementation of improving the use efficiency of instruments and equipment, it can not only promote the quality of talent training and scientific research level in China, but also provide strong support for the development of automatic operation technology in social sciences

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