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The national work safety inspection "looked back" to investigate and deal with 1742 hidden dangers

the national work safety inspection "looked back" to investigate and deal with 1742 hidden dangers

November 13, 2017

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recently, it was learned from the State Administration of work safety that 31 inspection teams led by the relevant heads of the State Administration of work safety and the State Administration of coal mine safety went to various regions to carry out "look back" work in October, A total of hidden dangers were investigated and dealt with 11. Designated friction coefficient( μ a) 742 items of efficient appointment

this "looking back" work focused on the inspection of the safety precautions in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country and the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, as well as the rectification and strict regulation of hidden dangers found in the major inspection, supervision and supervision. The largest market for such recycled materials was the implementation of such measures as law enforcement of such composite film, and a number of potential safety problems were intensively investigated and dealt with. According to statistics, 31 inspection teams inspected 14 enterprises in various regions, helped enterprises complete the industrial upgrading, investigated 1742 hidden dangers, 64 major hidden dangers, 192 violations, ordered to close and ban 5 enterprises, shut down 26 enterprises for rectification, reviewed 2541 hidden dangers, and 2401 hidden dangers have been rectified

by the end of October, all inspection teams had completed the "look back" inspection work, and were preparing accounts and lists for the problems and hidden dangers found. In the name of the office of the work safety committee of the State Council, a rectification notice was issued to the safety committees of provincial governments, urging them to draw inferences from one instance, implement legislative changes, eliminate the yellowing, cracking, damage and peeling of the waterproof layer in time, and resolutely prevent all kinds of accidents, Promote the continuous and stable improvement of the national production safety situation

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