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The review meeting on the revision of national standard gb9774 "cement packaging bags" was held in Beijing and passed the expert appraisal. The review meeting on the revision of national standard GB 9774 "cement packaging bags" was held in Beijing on February 1. I was invited to attend the revision review meeting

more than 30 experts from all over the country, leaders of China Packaging Technology Association and China Building Materials Industry Association attended the revision meeting. Zhang Xiaoping, chairman of the building materials Packaging Committee of the China bag cultivation technology association, and Dusen, secretary general, were also invited to attend the meeting. The meeting was presided over by the bag sub Technical Committee of the national packaging Standardization Technical Committee. The drafting unit, China Academy of building materials science, introduced the revision contents and the revision principles based on the experimental report one by one. Through careful discussion, the participating experts reviewed the standard draft for examination one by one. Finally, the revised notes were adopted

the national standard gb9774 "cement packaging bag" has been implemented for more than four years, and the relevant departments of all provinces and cities have vigorously promoted and implemented it. The implementation of this standard plays a certain role in ensuring cement packaging, improving the detection level of cement packaging bags, and developing new bags. However, with the progress of science and technology and the implementation of standards, the current standards have exposed many problems, which can no longer meet the needs of the current development of cement packaging bags

most of China's cement packaging industry belongs to labor-intensive industries, with large labor demand, low equipment automation level and management level. In addition, cement enterprises have been at a low ebb in recent years, which restricts the development of cement packaging bags. Under the regulation of market economy, cement packaging bags that meet national standards and have excellent product quality are ignored, while most inferior cement packaging bags that do not meet national standards fill the cement market. In addition, a large number of waste bags cannot be recycled, seriously polluting the environment. The packaging industry and relevant experts have issued an appeal to strengthen supervision and inspection, resolutely crack down on low-quality cement packaging bags that do not meet national standards, revise the standards as soon as possible, develop green packaging that can be used as a production enterprise and can be recycled if any parts are damaged, and improve and improve the overall packaging level of the cement industry

in view of the above situation, the standardization department of the former State Administration of quality and Technical Supervision held a consultation meeting on the revision of cement packaging bag standards in Beijing. In April 2000, the former state building materials administration included gb9774 cement packaging bags in the 2000-2001 standard revision plan in the form of Jiancai Xingguan Zi [2000] No. 029 document, which was drafted by the cement and new building materials Institute of the Academy of building materials and the China Institute of building materials standardization

with the assistance of the cooperative units, relevant enterprises and experts, after more than a year of testing, verification and extensive consultation, the drafting unit proposed the draft for review of the revision of the standard of cement packaging bags. The main contents of the revision are as follows:

1. The revised standard will become a mandatory standard of clauses

according to the national requirements for mandatory standards, the revised standard will appear as a mandatory standard of clauses, That is, 5 technical requirements and 6 test methods in the standard are mandatory provisions, and others are non mandatory provisions. In this way, the quality of cement packaging bags can be guaranteed, and it is conducive to the development of new technologies and processes of cement packaging bags

2. The physical performance index of laminated plastic woven bags is the hot spot of the meeting

the technical requirements for the physical performance of laminated plastic woven bags and composite bags are the hot spots of the meeting. The scheme and data provided by the building materials Packaging Committee of China Packaging Technology Association have been adopted and will be reconfirmed. The confirmed physical performance index is more realistic, and the detection method of physical performance index is carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of gb/t8947. In addition, the meeting confirmed the inclusion of laminated plastic woven bags in non mandatory provisions

3. Relax environmental friendly bag making materials

with the development of science and technology and environmental protection requirements, new materials came into being, but at present, composite plastic woven cloth and paper are still the main materials for cement packaging bags in China. According to the quality status of cement packaging bags in China and the basic requirements for packaging cement, new materials other than composite plastic woven cloth and paper, especially energy-saving and waste recycling and other environmental protection materials suitable for cement packaging, can be used for cement packaging as long as they are harmless to cement, meet the corresponding material standards, and are tested by the national designated testing institutions, recognized by users and qualified by experts after bag making. The above changes make the requirements of bag making materials more clear and in line with the current national conditions. In addition, the wording is also more rigorous, which is conducive to supervision and inspection

4. It has become a foregone conclusion that paper bags are discarded and changed into paste. A chapter on classification has been added to the standard, and it is clear that cement packaging bags are divided into paper bags, laminated plastic woven bags and composite bags according to their materials. In addition, it is clear that paper bags are paste bottom bags, and plastic woven bags and composite bags are divided into paste bottom bags and sewn bottom bags. In the coming year, cement packaging from foreign advanced countries is mostly in bulk. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of various types of mechanical testing machines all year round. Most of the bag types are paste bottom bags, such as Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries. Combined with China's national conditions, the time is ripe for paper bags to be changed from sewing to pasting, which is in line with the current trend. This change marks that paper bags have reached a new level, and will also promote the internationalization of paper bags

5. Introduce 25kg small package cement bags

for the specification and size, Europe has changed the specification and size of cement bags from 1995 to 25kg, because from the perspective of human health, the safe load of human arms should not exceed 27kg; Japanese packaging bag specifications are divided into three types, namely 25kg, 40kg and 50kg. According to the above situation, 25kg packaging bags are added to the standard. In addition, with reference to foreign graphic signs, the detailed dimensions except 50kg and 25kg are given in the schematic diagram of the standard body and the attachment "Andre Heim's statement a (informative appendix), which was invited to attend the meeting in China a few days ago, and it is stipulated that other specifications and dimensions are determined by the buyer and the seller through negotiation

6. The cement strength test method has been in line with international standards

China's cement strength test method has been in line with international standards. The implementation date of the new gb/t "cement mortar strength test method (ISO method)" is May 1st, 1999. In this revision, gb/t is adopted as the inspection method of cement strength in the influence of bag making materials on cement strength, and the heat treatment time is still 2H. The test results show that the difference of bag making materials is more sensitive to the cement strength test results of the new method. At the same time, the sealing conditions of the cement in the sample bag and the comparison cement after heat treatment should be consistent, otherwise the results and accuracy of the comparison test will be affected

7. The moisture-proof performance test method has changed.

grade division and standard small sample bags have been canceled. The moisture-proof treatment has been changed from humidity of 70% - 90%, temperature of 20 ℃± 5 ℃ to humidity of 90% ± 5%, temperature of 20 ℃± 3 ℃, and the constant temperature and humidity time has been changed from 14 days to 7 days. The comparison cement is placed in normal temperature and closed container. The cement strength test adopts gb/t, and the compressive strength ratio ≥ 90% is determined to be qualified. Through comprehensive comparison, this test method and index requirements are more stringent than the current standards

the revised standard is more advanced and scientific

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