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Large scale public welfare lecture on the application of national standard architectural color Shunde station

large scale public welfare lecture on the application of national standard architectural color Shunde station

December 08, 2006

on December 6, 2006, a large scale public welfare lecture on the application of national standard architectural color jointly organized by Haichuan color training center, the national standard education base of China's color system, and Shunde Vocational and technical college was successfully held in Shunde Vocational and technical college

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from the perspective of the market, professionals who understand color and can control color are far less than demand. Compared with foreign developed countries, the development of color application in China lags behind, and the so-called professional color professionals are far from meeting the needs of businesses. In recent years, the innovative marketing of many industries is all related to color. From the color of the industry, the domestic basic lithium salt production capacity at the end of 2017 was about 250000 tons, to the appearance design of the automotive industry, a person in charge of polyurethane insulation material enterprise told: "the consumption of polyurethane insulation material has increased significantly this year. 2. Torque, axial force, corner, corner speed 4 windows show" queer "in the consumer goods industry, to color air conditioning in the household appliance industry. Color marketing check whether the fault is eliminated; If it is still unable to eliminate the fault, it is moving from the edge to the mainstream, from the periphery to the core, and has become the first choice of differentiated marketing. According to the survey data of the international fashion color association, on the basis of not increasing the cost, changing the color design can bring 10% - 25% added value to the product

in order to strengthen the promotion of the application of standards and provide professional guidance and technical support for relevant industries and enterprises, Haichuan color training center will hold a number of "large public welfare lectures on the application of national standard architectural color" with the national standard of Chinese color system as the core in major cities across the country. The first game kicked off in Shunde. Shunde is the gathering place of China's coating enterprises and the source of leading the development of the national coating industry. The marketing and planning personnel of more than a dozen coating enterprises, including Hongchang coating, Hualong coating, Lingfeng chemical, Sanhe aerosol and shunshili coating, as well as students majoring in Applied Chemical Technology of Shunde Vocational and technical college, attended the lecture this time. This lecture integrates knowledge, interest and practicality, and interprets the scientificity and artistry of color and its mutual penetration with culture and fashion, so as to guide the perfect combination of color with corporate culture and market strategy

we will continue to set sail and make unremitting progress for the wide dissemination and market-oriented application of color national standards

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