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In the spirit of instructions, further strengthen safety publicity and education, and issue the strongest voice of safety production. According to the spirit of Nanyang town "safety production month" activity plan of Nanyang town by Nanyang Town safety committee, Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co., Ltd. effectively carried out the 2014 safety production month activity

on the afternoon of June 6, 2014, a regular work safety meeting was held in the conference room of the company in recent years. At the meeting, Mr. Miao Ning, vice president of the company, introduced in detail the arrangement of this work safety month activity. This activity will carry out the study and assessment of safety knowledge and safety operation procedures among front-line employees, There are even more joys in the activity learning materials, including: pay attention to the post startup procedures, the company's safety management philosophy, the company's list of potential safety hazards and the company's basic safety knowledge during the main operation of the friction and wear experiment of the safe production operation of various types of work. Finally, investigate the learning of employees' safety knowledge and operating procedures through the batch examination of front-line employees. It is believed that through this safety production month activity, all cadres and employees of the company can further learn safety knowledge and operating procedures, and constantly improve their awareness of safety production and risk prevention

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