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Jiangsu Province has carried out special rectification of the printing and Reproduction Industry

the Publicity Department of the Jiangsu provincial Party committee, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States of America have developed a tool. The Publishing Bureau, the provincial public security department and other eight departments recently issued the notice on organizing and carrying out special rectification of the printing and Reproduction Industry in the province

according to the deployment, from now on to the end of June next year, the province will carry out special rectification work in the printing and reproduction industry, focusing on resolutely banning printing and reproduction dens without licenses, and cracking down on a number of crime dens and criminal gangs that make and sell fake goods; Take the investigation and handling of major and important cases as a breakthrough, and severely crack down on the criminal activities of piracy, pirating and counterfeiting, which are strongly reflected by the masses and have a bad social impact; In order to strengthen the supervision of the printing and Reproduction Industry and standardize the printing and reproduction business behavior, we should effectively curb the momentum of pirated and pirated publications, illegal reproduction of audio-visual products, and the printing of false packaging, false logos, false trademarks, decoration of various matte or high gloss surface fake tickets and illegal advertisements, and strive to promote the sustainable, healthy and orderly development of the printing and Reproduction Industry in Jiangsu Province through this centralized rectification. The eight departments shall establish a joint meeting system to guide and coordinate the special rectification work. The Provincial Publishing Bureau has set up a special rectification office, which is specifically responsible for coordinating the special rectification of the printing and Reproduction Industry in the province. All cities should set up and publish reports to the society, increase the supervision and management of strong social forces with a growth rate of about 20.1%, and give commendations and rewards to those who make meritorious reports. The report of the provincial printing and reproduction industry special rectification office is: 025

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