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Jiangsu Taicang Tangshi printing equipment Co., Ltd. has passed the ISO9002 quality system certification

Jiangsu Taicang Tangshi printing press the button brush equipment Co., Ltd. on the dynamometer, and recently obtained the ISO9002 quality system certification issued by Shanghai quality system audit center, which marks an important step in the company's transformation to scientific management and in line with international standards

the predecessor of Jiangsu Taicang Tangshi printing equipment Co., Ltd. is Taicang Zhitang branch of Shanghai printing equipment manufacturing factory, which was founded in 1985 and restructured into a limited company in 1998. After nearly 20 years of sustained and rapid development, the company has become one of the major manufacturers of printing cots in China. At present, the annual production capacity of the equipment is 180million cubic centimeters. It has successively produced and developed printing cots, iron printing cots, UV resistant cots, laser cots, alcohol water rollers, etc., and has won municipal quality product awards for many times. The self-developed PS version coating cots passed the provincial appraisal in 1996 and won the provincial Golden COW Award for excellent new products. Its identification and evaluation mainly include: scientific formula, advanced technology... At present, it has been preliminarily recognized by MiCasa, which fills the gap in the production of PS coated cots in China

in order to further accumulate the stamina of the enterprise, promote management upgrading, implement the boutique strategy, and expand the development space, the company launched the ISO9002 quality system certification construction in 2000. Over the past year, the company has drafted and compiled system documents, such as quality manual, cj/t 3012 ⑼ 3 sequence document and supporting documents of Cheng cast iron manhole cover, and re made forms and cards. China will continue to provide convenience to Mongolia in transit transportation, sea ports, etc, The workshop implements fixed location management according to unified standards, and trains more than 20 backbones, of which 4 have obtained the qualification certificate of internal auditors. Since the trial operation of the quality certification system, under the guidance of the Shanghai expert group, two comprehensive internal audits have been carried out successively. At the same time, the internal auditors have been organized to conduct regular inspections every month, and the unqualified items and observation items have been rectified within a time limit. If they still fail to meet the requirements after rectification, they will be given administrative or economic punishment according to the regulations

through the "implementation of standards", the company has changed from business management and traditional management to scientific management. The scientificity and standardization of enterprise management have been greatly improved, and all technical indicators have reached the specified standards, running well

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