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Jiangsu launched special environmental protection supervision action

[China Packaging News] since late August, the provincial environmental protection department has formed six on-site supervision teams to carry out special environmental protection supervision actions in all districts and cities

the supervision content is mainly about the progress of investigation and rectification of six typical cases reported by the Ministry of ecological environment during the "look back" period of the central environmental protection supervisor; The progress of the state-organized "Green Shield 2018" Nature Reserve supervision and inspection and the special action for chemical pollution remediation and environmental protection in the Yangtze River economic belt; Among the 16 key projects listed and supervised by the provincial government this year, the provincial environmental protection department led the implementation of four projects, including the elimination of inferior class V cross sections in the national examination and provincial examination, and the remediation of environmental risks and hidden dangers in centralized drinking water sources above the county level; The progress of the provincial-level special rectification actions for the electroplating industry in the Taihu Lake Basin, the province's hazardous waste and the province's centralized drinking water source; The detailed implementation plan of compulsory pollution reduction and particulate matter unorganized emission reduction in various regions to improve air quality, the CNAs accreditation certificate issued by China National Accreditation Commission for conformity assessment, the only and most authoritative laboratory accreditation institution in China, the formulation and implementation of in-depth remediation plan, the air pollution prevention and control plan, the list of boiler remediation projects, the list of compulsory emission reduction of key sources The completion of the rectification of chemical pollution in the Yangtze River economic belt and the development of clean energy vehicles

the special supervision will adopt the methods of listening to reports, consulting materials and on-site verification. The main person in charge of the provincial environmental protection department said that the special inspection will ensure the implementation of relevant national and provincial environmental protection decisions and deployments through the "three batches" measures of public exposure, interview and notification, and serious accountability, but some areas may be more sensitive and effective to the price of high material costs

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