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Tips on the use and maintenance of cast iron plates

cast iron plates should be placed in air-conditioned rooms with constant temperature and humidity controlled, and they should avoid direct sunlight or ventilation; It is particularly important that there should be no temperature difference or temperature gradient in the vertical direction, resulting in different temperatures between the working surface and the bottom surface of the cast iron plate. When the nearby temperature returns to average, because of the lattice structure of the cast iron plate frame and ribs, the thin plate working surface and its thermal conductivity help the cast iron plate quickly adapt to the external environment

the cast iron plate should be firmly supported and leveled by pressing the confirm key after adjustment. The support should be on a solid foundation. The flat plate should not be overloaded. Because the surface of the flat plate is locally uneven, cast iron flat plates are not allowed to be in point contact (use). The contact should be through the precise gauge block acting as the medium, and its thickness should preferably not exceed 10mm, or the cushion block with the same accuracy, and the load action point and fulcrum can also be interchanged. Cast iron plate (platform) should use the whole effective area instead of always being used in one area

because the cast iron plate (platform) is the datum plane, it should avoid damage, and should often be in the middle and high-end market. Wipe the dust or other particles on the working surface. When measuring, lay a test cloth on the plate to place small tools or measure. "Talking about the project that won the second prize of the 2014 National Technological Invention Award - the key technology and industrialized utilization block for the biological preparation of functional high molecular weight poly amino acids. The common symptom of flat plate damage is that the surface is scratched, and its working surface should be covered after use

the cast iron platform will always wear after use. Users can detect signs of wear by the following methods: grind the plate with a high-grade plate, and then study the appearance after grinding; Use a datum gauge to detect the straightness of the flat plate in all directions

users are advised to take advantage of the professional inspection of the cast iron plate manufacturer and hand over the plate to the manufacturer for repair

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