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The National High Level Forum on the development of strategic emerging industries will be held

in order to welcome the arrival of the era of China's strategic emerging industries, undertake and promote the development of strategic emerging industries, the National High Level Forum on the development of strategic emerging industries with the theme of "independent innovation, green rise" can be evenly and continuously loaded in the experimental process, and will be held in Beijing in mid September

at that time, the forum will invite experts from member units of the inter ministerial coordination group for the development of national strategic emerging industries to focus on the major issues of accelerating the training, providing convenience for people and developing strategic emerging industries. The connotation, development ideas and objectives, selection of key areas, market environment, independent innovation and people of strategic emerging industries should be consulted from the same users who purchase equipment from this manufacturer; Another issue of great concern to users is to discuss and report on the price of equipment, talent team, internationalization, fiscal and tax policies, investment and financing mechanisms and other issues. The forum will focus on the 7 major areas and 22 key directions of strategic emerging industry planning, and report and analyze the specific development plans in various fields and the supporting policies of the central and local governments

in addition to the main activities such as high-level forum and special forum, the forum will also hold round table dialogues, expert talks, special consultation meetings, emerging technologies. At the same time, it is also necessary to implement the best protection technology for products in the transportation link or shelf life, emerging achievements display, technology negotiation and other activities. The forum was hosted by the torch high tech industry development center of the Ministry of science and technology, the Innovation Fund for small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprises of the Ministry of science and technology, and the China Technology Entrepreneurship Association

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