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The large demand for high-end coatings drives the development of high-function environmental protection resins

with the increasingly strict environmental protection regulations and the rapid development of high-speed railway, automobile and wind power new energy, the demand for high-value, functional and environmental protection coatings has greatly increased, and new requirements have been put forward for the coating resin industry. During the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period, the coating resin industry will focus on the research and development of personalized products to avoid product homogenization and provide guarantee for the rapid development of the coating industry according to the new pattern of the coating market. This is the news from the 2011 Annual Meeting of coating resin branch of China Coating Industry Association last week

Yang Yuande, Secretary General of the coating Association, pointed out that at present, 40 ~ 100hrk resin used in high-end coatings in China is monopolized by foreign multinational companies, and there is a lack of high-quality and high-performance resin with independent intellectual property rights, which seriously restricts the development of the coating industry. At the same time, there are few domestic units engaged in basic theoretical research and Application Research of resin, and most of them introduce foreign coating formulations or coating technology. He pointed out that China has the world's largest real estate, automobile and ship markets, coupled with the rapid development of new fields such as high-speed rail and wind power, the research and development of environmentally friendly and high-functional coating resins has become an urgent task

GUI Taijiang, chief engineer of the Research Institute of offshore chemical industry, proposed that using renewable biomass resin as coating raw material is an important way to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction. He suggested that competent research institutions should actively carry out basic theory and Application Research of biomass resin. He also called on relevant state departments and industry organizations to support the research and industrialization of the results

the experts and representatives at the meeting reached a consensus that as the downstream industry has higher and higher requirements for the environmental protection and performance of coating products, especially in the field of industrial coatings, the traditional resin technology can no longer meet the needs of energy conservation and emission reduction and the sustainable and healthy development of the industry. During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, resin enterprises must pay attention to the development of high solid resin, powder coating resin, UV curing resin and water-based resin, and actively promote the development of new processes, new materials and new technologies

it is understood that in recent years, China's coating industry has developed rapidly, driving the steady growth of coating resin. Especially during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the coating resin industry has further changed to large-scale, collectivization and specialization, and has gradually separated from the coating industry to form an independent industry. 2. It focuses on showing the latest achievements in the key utilization fields of new materials. In 2010, its advantage is that China's paint output reached 9.666 million tons, and the amount of paint resin is estimated to be about 3.4 million tons. In addition to the self-produced and self-used resins of some coating enterprises, the output of coating resins in circulation in the market in 2010 exceeded 1million tons. However, at present, the output of environment-friendly coating resin in China accounts for only about 15% of the output of coating resin

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