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High performance and multi-function of plastic packaging materials

1. High permeability resistant plastic packaging materials

high permeability resistant plastic packaging materials have developed rapidly with the food industry in recent ten years. It is required to provide high impermeability packaging materials and impermeability prevention technology with quality assurance, freshness preservation, flavor preservation and

extending shelf life. It has been rapidly developed and widely used in the packaging industry, especially in the food packaging industry

high impermeable plastic packaging materials usually refer to materials that have a high damping effect on gas-liquid penetrants, that is, to prevent the invasion of oxygen to prevent the oxidation and deterioration of goods, to prevent the penetration of water or steam to prevent the goods from being affected by moisture and mildew, to prevent the escape of aroma, fragrance and carbon dioxide, to prevent the goods from changing taste and deterioration

, etc

in practice, it is required to have both excellent gas barrier performance and good waterproof performance. It is difficult to realize single and single-layer materials.

therefore, in recent years, our machines for multi-component composite, multi-layer composite, blending, alloying and vacuum evaporation are really many. Plasma technology evaporation and high permeability resistant polymers are developing very rapidly

looking forward to the early 21st century, high impermeability packaging materials, such as multilayer composites containing ethylene vinyl ferment copolymer (EVOH), polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC), polypropylene

nitrile (Pan), polyacylide cavity (PA), polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and silicone evaporation films, will be further developed, especially the following products

(1) high impermeability polyamide packaging materials: and selarpa, MXD6 is a semi knot

crystalline polyamine synthesized by condensation of m-dimethyldiamine and oxalic acid. It has excellent gas impermeability (oxygen permeability is 0.03ce 20um/m2 D ATM), which is 10 times and 20 times that of polyacyl 6 and 66

respectively, puncture resistance, transparency, heat resistance and environmental suitability; Coextrusion of multilayer extended film with polyamide 6 (PA6) or blending of non

extended film can be used for meat, fruit, cooking bags and cheese packaging; Selarpa is an amorphous polyamide polycondensated from hexamethylene diamine and isophthalic acid. Its advantage is that under high humidity conditions, its gas resistance is much higher than polyamide 6, and its water permeability is very low. It is suitable for packaging fried and fragile snack food. Its thermal deformation temperature is up to 127 ℃, and it is also suitable for use as packaging material in hot filling and cooking sterilization operations

(2) oriented super impermeability and oriented high impermeability films are co extruded and drawn by oxyshield PA and EVOH. Their characteristics are that they still maintain excellent oxygen resistance under high relative

humidity (at 23 ℃, 65rh%, the oxygen permeability is 0.2cc/645cm2d, while at 93rh%, the oxygen permeability is 0.4cc/645cm2/D). They can replace aluminum foil and boevoh and PVDC coated PET films for cigarettes, food packaging and soft cover materials

(3) the advantages of modified polyester selarpt packaging material are that it not only has all the physical properties of polyester and the impermeability of oxygen and aroma,

but also has strong toughness, solvent resistance and moisture resistance. Its solvent resistance to olefins is 100 times greater than that of HDPE, and it is especially suitable for packaging automotive anti

protective products, coatings, adhesives and other industrial applications

(4) polyethylene terephthalate pen, which is a polyester made by replacing the benzene ring in pet with the naphthalene ring, has better mechanical properties such as fracture strength, elastic modulus, elongation, acid resistance, alkali resistance and other chemical properties than pet, which is conducive to the realization of thin walled packaging bottles, while

and its heat resistance is higher than pet. Pen bottles can be washed with 85 ℃ lye like glass bottles, Therefore, it is used for mineral water bottles and beer bottles that are reused for many times. Gas resistance of pen

is also one of the better resins, so it is attractive as an impermeable packaging material. In particular, pen and pet blending or coextrusion containers,

can not only improve the heat resistance of pet, but also improve the gas resistance. It is suitable for the manufacture of wide mouth containers for food, cosmetic bottles and heat-resistant bottles

(5) silicon oxide Xu Fu film (also known as soft glass)

the technology of improving the impermeability of packaging, reducing the amount of materials and being conducive to recycling is one of the innovation focuses of packaging materials in recent years. Among them, silicon oxide coating but the automotive industry needs far more than a fast curing resin plastic film. It is the most attention-provoking high impermeability material at present, Japan, the United States

China Western Europe has developed very rapidly. The coating materials used in this product mainly include silicon oxide, silicon dioxide, organosilicon oxide (HMDS), silicon

alkane (SiH4), etc. Coating technologies include physical evaporation (PVD), vacuum evaporation, electron beam evaporation, chemical evaporation (CVD): high cycle method/

low temperature plasma, electromagnetic wave method, PVD and CVD co evaporation technology, etc

film substrates include PE, PP manufacturers, PS, pet, PA, PVDC, PC films and stretched films, etc. Silicon oxide coated film is characterized by excellent impermeability. The coating is very thin, only 40 ~ 100 nm, but it can act as impermeability of glass layer, and maintain a high degree of fracture resistance, easy to recycle, and good environmental protection

small bags widely used in food, liquid or high moisture content food, medical extracts, cosmetics, detergents, chemical agents and industrial supplies

hot or cold sealed outer packaging for candy and medicine; Soft covers for all kinds of food and

composite hoses for toothpaste, condiments, drugs and various chemical and industrial supplies, especially silicon dioxide coated PET film, due to its high heat resistance, will be widely used in cooking bags and microwave oven heating meat. Its coated bottles and containers can replace glass bottles, reduce weight and reduce damage rate

in recent years, Japan has developed a two-layer evaporation technology of low-temperature plasma of organosilicon oxide and silicon dioxide. The impermeability of the evaporated film to oxygen and water vapor is more than 3 times higher than that of the single-layer film. In addition, a colorless transparent silica coating film with impermeability and a multilayer composite film with it as the impermeability layer

have been developed. Its impermeability is significantly better than other impermeability films

comparison of impermeability of several high impermeability films

film name gas transmission rate water vapor transmission rate

(25 ℃, 100%rh, cc/m2 D ATM) (40 ℃, 90%rh, g/m2 d)

PVDC coating PET film 2 ~ 8 2 ~ 10

EVOH film 1 ~ 3 30 members of the school family committee also set up a jury ~ 100

PVA film 14 1100

Aluminum evaporated PET film 0.3 ~ 1.0 1.0 ~ 1.5

aluminum foil 0 0

silicon oxide coating film 1.0 ~ 1.5 1.0 ~ 1.5

colorless transparent silicon oxide coating film (a) 0.4 ~ 1.0 0 0 0.8 ~ 1.0

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