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CNNC Jiangsu Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. won the national quality award. From November 3 to 4, the "13th National Conference on pursuing excellence" was held in Beijing. The "13th National Quality Award" was awarded at the meeting. Jiangsu Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. stood out from many enterprises and became the member unit of the group company and the first enterprise in the industry that specialized in producing various horizontal tensile testing machines and tensile testing machines

From November 3 to 4, the 13th National Conference on pursuing excellence was held in Beijing. The "13th National Quality Award" was awarded at the meeting. Jiangsu Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. stood out from many enterprises and became a member of the group and the first enterprise in the nuclear power industry to win this award. GuXiulian, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the Tenth National People's Congress, yangxueshan, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, wangwenbin, deputy director of SASAC, jiafuxing, President of China Quality Association and other relevant leaders attended the meeting. Sunqin, chairman and Secretary of the leading Party group of CNNC, attended the conference as a guest and presented the national quality award to Jiangsu nuclear power company together with wangwenbin

"National Conference on pursuing excellence" is sponsored by China Quality Association. The theme of this conference is "scientific development - achieving quality growth". The "National Quality Award" was established in 2001 on the basis of learning from the American National Quality Award standard "Baldrige excellent performance evaluation criteria". It aims to encourage and guide Chinese enterprises to implement the excellent performance model, improve the quality of products, projects, services and business development, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and even the country. Since its establishment, the award has adhered to standardized operation, professional evaluation and value creation, and has been widely recognized by government departments and society. As of 2013, 108 enterprises, including Haier Group, Shanghai Volkswagen, Lenovo, Baoshan Iron and steel, have won the award. Jiangsu nuclear power company introduced the excellent performance management mode in 2011 and participated in the National Quality Award in 2012. It is one of the enterprises that won the award for the first time, unlike the standard hydraulic device adopting asynchronous Electromechanical

at the meeting, wuxiujiang, general manager of Jiangsu nuclear power company, made a special speech, introducing the company's practices and experience in comprehensively implementing excellent performance management from eight aspects: corporate culture, strategic management, performance of its thermal insulation performance better than that of polystyrene foam plastic company, recent research and discovery meeting, and promoting reform and innovation. At the same time, he said that Jiangsu nuclear power company will take this as the starting point, continue to deepen the construction of management system, improve the management maturity in various fields, stick to the bottom line of safety production with hard work, build Tianwan brand with continuous innovation, and strive to be the practice leader of "building a first-class nuclear power base and building a first-class staff team"

the conference also awarded "national advanced enterprise implementing excellent performance model", and Jiangsu nuclear power company was awarded this award again after 2012

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