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Jiangminglin, counselor of the State Council, talks about the development of external thermal insulation materials for external walls

jiangminglin, counselor of the State Council, talks about the development of external thermal insulation materials for external walls

June 19, 2013

[China paint information] at present, when it comes to external thermal insulation materials for external walls, the biggest contradiction at the management level is that the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the public security and fire department disagree on the standards of materials used. The Ministry of housing and urban rural development pays more attention to the energy-saving indicators of buildings, The Fire Department of the Ministry of public security attaches importance to the fire resistance of buildings

after three fires in recent years, the fire department has improved the assessment of building fire prevention indicators. In order to strengthen the fire prevention capacity of civil housing, the fire department stipulated that class a fire-proof materials should be used for civil housing during fire acceptance. After 2011, many enterprises built non combustible thermal insulation material plants according to the documents of the fire department and the opinions of the thermal insulation Association

however, according to the documents of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, residential buildings below 50m can also use B2 or B3 (flame retardant) thermal insulation materials, because the use of class a materials is not only expensive, but also has little construction experience, and it is difficult to guarantee the thermal insulation quality. The disagreement between the two departments makes it difficult for the manufacturers, real estate enterprises and construction teams that produce exterior wall external insulation materials to implement them

the problem of external thermal insulation materials for external walls needs to be solved urgently. At present, nearly 40billion square meters of existing buildings need to "wear cotton padded jacket". I estimate that 80% of them are not energy-efficient. In addition, there are a huge number of new buildings with an annual growth rate of 2billion square meters, and the task is urgent

all departments should work together to standardize the external wall insulation materials

according to the current relevant laws and regulations in China and the R & D, production and use of external wall insulation products, and with reference to the relevant international situations, we should actively develop the development of building energy conservation in China on the premise of safety and security. I put forward the following suggestions:

first, the government must strengthen the construction of corresponding laws and regulations and strictly enforce the law. The competent departments of public security and housing construction shall, according to the safety, effectiveness and durability of the external wall insulation and decoration projects of civil buildings in China, make the cause of building energy conservation develop safely and healthily. Under the guidance of principles, provinces, cities and regions can also formulate and promulgate implementation rules or corresponding laws or regulations that are suitable for the actual situation of their own regions. We will vigorously promote the use of non combustible exterior wall insulation materials, and put an end to the illegal use of combustible exterior wall insulation materials. We will strengthen law enforcement and knowledge of the published laws and policies, and resolutely put an end to the failure to comply with the law and lax law enforcement. In the field of construction engineering, we will further carry out anti-corruption work. I want to add anti-corruption to the list, because the fire in Shanghai was related to this reason

secondly, we should further strengthen the quality standards of relevant products, standardize the formulation and revision. The government's industrial, housing construction, public security and standardization work management departments should formulate stricter product standards for building exterior wall insulation materials according to the requirements of building energy conservation and fire safety, and formulate and improve the standard specification system as soon as possible. It includes construction atlas, application technical specifications, construction technical specifications, engineering inspection and acceptance procedures, and establishes a complete set of standard specification system from materials to engineering

third, the national science, technology and industry authorities should further strengthen the support for the research and development of incombustible exterior wall insulation materials from the aspects of project approval, scientific research funds, introduction of foreign advanced technology and well-developed enterprise equipment, encourage the development of industry university research strategic alliance, promote industry university research cooperation, and strengthen the development of key technology and key equipment for the production of incombustible exterior wall insulation materials, Improve the industrialization and large-scale level of incombustible exterior wall insulation materials, improve their comprehensive performance indicators, and promote their wide application in building exterior wall insulation and energy saving

in addition, the market supervision should be further strengthened. The government quality supervision and market supervision departments should increase the quality supervision of incombustible exterior wall insulation materials from the production source and market circulation links, so as to prevent fake and shoddy products from flowing into the market and bringing hidden dangers to the exterior wall insulation project. It is suggested to implement the production license system for the production of incombustible insulation materials

in addition, adjust the industrial structure and support the development of large enterprises. Relevant government departments should actively and slowly increase the pressure: guide qualified enterprises to expand the scale of enterprises and take the road of professional development through low-cost expansion or international cooperation through capital operation and joint restructuring. So as to improve product quality and reduce cost

suggestions on the formulation of standards for external wall insulation materials

there are several steps in the formulation of standards for external wall insulation materials

first, the performance of the material itself, which tells people in the material department that we hope to develop materials with good thermal insulation performance, safety performance and good construction performance. If the construction is difficult, it will be troublesome. Therefore, in the production of materials, the supporting materials and tools for the construction process should be developed

second, it is necessary to tell people in the design department not only how to use this material, but also the standard specifications for the construction of this material and the detailed design drawings

third, the competent construction department should also standardize the formulation of construction quota standards, such as the amount of money for a day of construction, which should be more realistic. If the construction standard is very high and you set the quota very low, no one is willing to do it. It should conform to the market economy

finally, the construction acceptance standard should be improved. The construction acceptance should be carried out in all processes of construction, and the effect should be considered in a unified way. People should not be fooled from the beginning of materials

for the building materials industry itself, we should actively develop "non combustible" and "flame retardant" exterior wall external insulation materials with energy conservation, environmental protection and superior performance

at present, it can be said that most exterior wall insulation materials of buildings in China are combustible. Internationally, countries have different standards for external wall insulation materials. For example, in Germany, combustible insulation materials are not allowed for slightly higher civil buildings

in addition to energy conservation and environmental protection, external thermal insulation materials for external walls should pay more attention to safety. However, I think it is very difficult to fully promote the use of non combustible materials for external wall insulation materials, and the resistance is also very large. The coating of this product initially forms a uniform and complete film on the plastic surface. For combustible or flame-retardant insulation materials, special attention should be paid during construction. Most of the accidents occurred in the construction process. For example, in the winter of 2010, the fire on Jiaozhou Road in Shanghai ignited the external thermal insulation materials of the external wall due to illegal operation. External thermal insulation materials of external walls are more likely to cause fire during construction

things are complex. At present, there is no absolutely safe and special thermal insulation material. Therefore, our goal is to develop the external wall thermal insulation materials that are safe, heat insulated, easy to construct, recyclable and cost-effective

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