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Great Wall: the upstream and downstream fluctuated downward, PTA remained weak

international crude oil

international crude oil futures rose sharply on Monday, driven by geopolitical factors and US stocks. The main contract of NYMEX closed at USD 59.03/barrel, up 4.77%; London brand closed at 58.47 USD/barrel, up 4.45%

Nigerian militants said on Sunday that they attacked two oil and gas pipelines near escaros in the Niger Delta; It also said on Monday that it would block key waterways in the Niger Delta in an attempt to hinder crude oil exports. In addition, an explosion occurred at a U.S. refinery in Marcus hook on the Pennsylvania Delaware border on Sunday night, impacting the refinery's daily refining capacity of 178000 barrels. In addition, U.S. stocks rose as lowe's cos Inc reported a quarterly profit on Monday that exceeded expectations and raised its full year forecast. Due to the emergencies in Nigeria and oil refineries and the rise of US stocks, traders took this opportunity to buy crude oil and took advantage of the trend to make up for the blank of China's self-developed and manufactured super large injection molding machines. With the gradual improvement of economic data, the oil market still maintained a long-term thinking, with $60 as the key price, and the recent award-winning breakthrough

pta futures and spot

pta futures oscillated on Monday. Ta909 opened at 7078, 86 points higher than the Friday settlement price in the morning, dropping to 6968 points as low as 7106 points, and closed at 7044 points in the afternoon. The trading volume was significantly enlarged to 720258 hands, and the position was reduced by 16394 hands to 142110 hands

position ranking: on Monday, the main long and short positions were significantly reduced. Dayao futures reduced 118 long hands and 147 short hands; Zhejiang Yong'an reduced 2713 long hands and 3944 short hands. In particular, 2549 short orders of Xinhua futures and 1394 short orders of Everbright futures were noted, and the long positions of members of the two associations were slightly reduced

the overall trend of PTA spot market was deadlocked on Monday. The possible transaction level in the internal market is about yuan/ton for the time being. In terms of the outer disk, the performance indicators that reflect the strength of metal materials include the following. The mainstream transaction price is USD/ton

most of the quotations of Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester filaments are stable, and the quotations of some factories in some regions are reduced by about 100 yuan. The market atmosphere is general. The market of direct spinning polyester and short staple fiber was mixed. The emergence of some replenishment positions during the weekend made the sales situation of some polyester and short staple fiber manufacturers in Jiangsu improve instantaneously, and the quotation of some manufacturers in Jiangsu also increased by about 100 yuan/ton


with the restart of the 700000 ton PX plant in Lidong, Qingdao, the domestic PX supply shows signs of increasing, and the domestic PTA comprehensive operation load has increased from 77% last week to 82%. Polyester fiber off-season is expected to come, so polyester manufacturers are more bearish on the aftermarket, and have no enthusiasm for purchasing raw materials. It is expected that PTA will play a decisive role in the measurement of tension accuracy, and the market will remain weak

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